How To Encourage Creativity With Aquabeads Minions Playset

Encouraging creativity with Despicable Me Aquabeads
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Freddie has never really enjoyed being creative, even from a very young age. He has always enjoyed books and math and getting him to do anything remotely creative has always been hard work! Until we have come across these Aquabeads Minions!

As we now homeschool and he doesn’t HAVE to do arts and crafts at school I was pleased to discover this Minions Aquabeads set.

I mean after all who doesn’t love Despicable Me and the Minions! Well, Fred sure does in fact one of his favorite toys in previous years was the Minions fart gun!!

**Disclosure – I received this free of charge in return for an honest review. This post may contain affiliate links. This means we may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. **

This is also my kind of arts and craft activity as there is no mess!!! No clearing up glitter and spilled paint and glue!

Aquabeads – Minions Playset

The box is nice and colorful which for any child’s game/toy is so important. But on opening aquabeads I was even happier! As you may have gathered with my comment above I am not a big fan of mess!! So when I realized this came with its very own tray (with lid) I was extremely happy.

Aquabeads Minions Playset

Inside the aquabeads box were the following individually wrapped color beads:

  • 5 Pink
  • 5 Green
  • 5 Brown (jewel beads)
  • 20 light blue
  • 43 white
  • 74 grey
  • 120 brown
  • 127 black
  • 151 blue
  • 220 yellow

A table tray, 1 palette, 1 sprayer, 2 template sheets (with 4 designs) and a bead peeler.

aquabeads minions playset with over 700 colourful beads

Why we love aquabeads?

Not only does this encourage creativity it is also great for fine motor skills. These beads are tiny, and perfect for little hands.

Above is the palette where you keep your beads, but on top of that fits the lid which is what you actually use to create your design.

aquabeads minions playset tray

The designs fit nicely in place on the back of the tray so the children know where to place the correct colored bead in the right place.

Watching your design develop in front of you, is just great fun.

Also included in the box is an easy-to-follow instruction sheet. As we had never done this before we really needed to follow it. But it was very simple to understand.

aquabeads instruction sheet

So what can you make with Aquabeads?

Check these out, Freddie was so impressed with himself, and actually enjoyed doing it.

Aquabeads Minions Playset Completed

Where can you purchase Aquabeads Minions?

These are available at any major high street toy shop and also can be found at Amazon.

Also if you run out of beads you can purchase more here.

(These are suitable for children aged 4+)

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