Big Beard Battle Game Review: Spin, Slam and Win!

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When we were asked to review the Big Beard Battle game by Yulu and Brainstorm Games we absolutely jumped at the chance. We love playing board games in our home, and this is a very fun and easy game to play with younger children. Especially if daddy has a beard!!

** We were kindly sent this from Brainstorm for free in return for an honest review. There are affiliate links included in this post. **
Big Beard Battle Game Review

For those of you who don’t know, my husband has a beard. This is his absolute pride and joy. He spends far too much time in the bathroom making sure it is just right!!! So when we saw a game about beards we were so excited.

Freddies Mummy and Bearded Daddy

Big Beard Battle is a great fun game. The winner is the one who has all of the coloured hair attached to the beard. Without someone cutting it or shaving it off. (Plastic razor and scissors also included, which was great fun to wind Daddy up about his!!)

It is suitable for children aged 4+ and although Freddie is nearly 8 we still had lots of fun with it.

Playing Big Beard Battle

It comes with 4 plastic coloured moustache glasses which sit on the ears and you use Velcro to attach the beard to it. The set up of the game is quite time-consuming. As you have to stick velcro to both sides of the cards and to the moustache glasses. But once this is done it doesn’t need to be done again.

It is a very simple game and lots of fun, especially as Daddy has a beard!! This is a great board game for 8 year olds and very easy to play. So when we have younger family visiting we will definitely be getting this out.

Big Beard Battle Review

Get your copy of Big Beard Battle here.

Have you played Big Beard Battle yet? Let me know in the comments what you think of this fun game.

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