Electronic Dictionary Bookmark Review

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If you are looking for a gift for a book lover you are going to need to read this electronic dictionary bookmark review.

I don’t know about your children but my son absolutely loves reading.

He has from a very young age flicked through books and now will read every night before bed.

One of his favorite things to do is go to the library to find more! He is a very active child normally and very hyper but this is the only time he will sit still and be quiet!!

We have recently come across an electronic dictionary bookmark which is just the best gift for book lovers.

The electronic dictionary bookmark is great, not only does it keep the page in the book. If there are words that are slightly more difficult to understand he has an electronic dictionary in his hand.

If you are not sure what books to recommend to your kids check out our favorites:

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Electronic Bookmark Dictionary

We came across this electronic bookmark dictionary and it was a huge hit. Often I will get shouted from upstairs as he doesn’t know what a word means, so this is just a great invention. This dictionary is incredibly thin so fits perfectly inside a book as a bookmark.

Electronic Dictionary Bookmark

This bookmark dictionary won the gift of the year in 2011. It is super easy to use and as it is so thin. You won’t lose it as it is a bookmark as well.

I tried the word “familiar” from this Zac Power book to see what it said, and if you scroll down it gives more examples of what the word means.

Mark-My-Time 3D Kitty Sparkle Digital Bookmark with ReadingMark-My-Time 3D Kitty Sparkle Digital Bookmark with ReadingChildren's Electronic Dictionary BookmarkChildren’s Electronic Dictionary BookmarkIF Electronic Dictionary Bookmark Single Language Definitions -IF Electronic Dictionary Bookmark Single Language Definitions –Mark-My-Time Bright Aqua Digital Bookmark and Reading TimerMark-My-Time Bright Aqua Digital Bookmark and Reading Timer


It’s absolutely fantastic, Freddie loved the fact that you would be able to look himself for the meanings of the words and has asked for this to be on his Christmas gift list, check out his other unusual gifts for 9 year old boys.

Freddie is a very independent child and now he can do this for himself is a great plus for him.

Electronic Bookmark Dictionary by IF Gifts

Electronic Dictionary Bookmark Review

This is such a great gift for both children and adults. It sits really nicely in the book so is a perfect bookmark.

When you are struggling to understand the words the dictionary is right there with you. It’s an absolutely perfect gift for all book lovers.

We highly recommend this IF electronic dictionary bookmark for kids, grab yours today.

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