Emojito Party Game – Funny Family Game Of Emotions

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As you probably know by now we absolutely love playing games as a family. One of our favourites was this Emojito board game.

It was so funny, Freddie and I were in absolute stitches throughout the whole game. It is aimed at everyone over the age of 7 and is for between 2 and 7 players.

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Emojito Party Game Review

When we were sent Emojito I have to say I was skeptical as being nearly 40 I struggle with all these Emojis. Mainly as I have no idea what most of them mean! But I was open-minded. The box was very colourful and grabbed Freddie’s attention straight away.

Opening Emojito Game

Emojito Board Game

There are 100 cards with very colourful animals pulling the most ridiculous faces. You have to either sing or pull a facial expression so your opponents guess which card out of 7 was the card you were reenacting.

Freddie went first and my goodness we have never laughed so much. He was much better than me and of course, won. We both had so much fun playing Emojito we can’t wait to play it with friends and family.

Emojito Game Review

This is Freddie pulling one of the silly faces!! How can you not laugh at this!

You chose a card (without showing anyone) and either make a noise or pull a face so your opponent can guess which one you were. Then you pick another 6 random cards. Place all 7 cards randomly around the board and each person chooses which number they think you have been trying to be.

Playing Emojito Game

Freddie won of course as I was a bit rubbish.

Emojito is a great game and we will definitely be playing this with family on Christmas Day. We can’t recommend it highly enough.

Get yours today.

Please let us know below if you have played Emojito before. 

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