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I do not say this lightly as we play a lot of games. FReNeTiC is now my all-time favourite educational board game for kids.

As you know we have been homeschooling Freddie for about 6 months now, and it is always great to find new fun methods of teaching.

It was Stuart’s birthday on Monday and we had a nice family meal and his son and girlfriend popped in to see him too. So what else would we do but play a board game! Now due to the huge age difference in Stuart’s children, this is the best way we can all be together as a family, and we all love it.

Why the best educational board game is Frenetic, a game all about the periodic table

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Our go-to game prior to this was probably Monopoly, but the FReNeTiC game is our new favourite.

Frenetic Board Game Review

FReNeTiC Game

Now to start with, and this is not how you play the game, Freddie put all of the Elements in the correct place on the table.

Frenetic - Periodic Table of Elements

As you can see there are some missing, as I am pretty sure there are no words that can be made with these. But it still shows them and tells you the abbreviation and the word.

This is fantastic, we had a science lesson without Freddie knowing! This is my kind of education!

We made him say all of the words as he placed them. Well, we tried, I couldn’t pronounce some of them either!

Get this periodic table game from Frenetic today, I promise you are going to love it too!

FReNeTiC Board Game

So all of the elements get put in a bag and one player picks 8 tiles. They get placed in the correct place on the board, and you have to make as many words as possible.

Now with Db and Rf for example it is not always that easy to actually make any words. But some of the tiles are double points/ OG being our favourite, as you can make quite a few words with this one and then get double points.

Playing Frenetic

Everyone then “secretly” (we are very competitive!!) writes down the words they can find before the time runs out. As we were playing with Freddie we had two turns of the timer.

The correct way to play Frenetic is the picker of the 8 tiles (which rotates on every turn) says the words they have found. They then add up all of the numbers from the points on the element. These are big numbers generally, so Freddie had plenty of maths practice as well as the science and English elements.

The next player then says what words they have, however, they are not allowed to get points if someone else has also found the word. So for example, if Freddie had found the word FlOg no one else could have the points for that word.

As Freddie is still only 8, he always got to go first, or otherwise, it would be too hard.

On some rounds between 3 adults and Freddie, we only found one word between all of us.

The winner is the first person to get to 1,000. The first game we played Freddie won, and the second time we played he came second. So he was very happy!

If you enjoy playing educational board games as much as we do, check out our updated post with over 40 suggestions! This one is still our favourite science game!

FReNeTiC Game Review

Frenetic game is by far the best educational board game we have ever played.

It covers science, maths and English and more importantly is loads of fun for all the family. If you enjoy this game you will love these best kids’ science kits, we have included our favorite 15.

How to Play Frenetic board game?

All of the elements get put in a bag and one player picks 8 tiles. They get placed in the correct place on the board, and you have to make as many words as possible.

Why the Frenetic Game is the best educational board game?

It covers science, maths, and English and more importantly is loads of fun. It is a fast and furious word game for all the family, and you are learning while you are playing.

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