Advantages of Homeschool – See What The Kids Think

Why kids love home education in their own words
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Are you homeschooling your kids? Are you thinking about the advantages of homeschool? Have you wondered what homeschool children actually think about it?

There are lots of articles about why parents love it, but I have not seen many from a children’s perspective. I have asked a number of children why they love homeschool, and this is what I got back.

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What Do Kids Think Are The Advantages of Homeschool?

Freddie Age 8

I love homeschooling because I am learning loads more. I also like it because I now know way more maths, history, handwriting and English. Also it is amazing because I have learnt way more than regular school.

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Cameron Age 12

I have been homeschooling all my life and I am in Year 6. I’ve never been in a school environment and I don’t think that it would really suit me as I am so used to the freedom of learning.

I couldn’t imagine being in a classroom all day.

Homeschooling gives me the freedom to learn new things in my own time. I find it really fun and we do heaps of different activities. I enjoy most subjects even maths when its really not my favourite. I’ve got dyslexia and am also colour-blind which can make my learning hard.

I love science and technology and my learning is mostly on STEAM subjects. I also enjoy watching documentaries and doing online courses. I’m learning to play the harmonica. I have heaps of home-schooling friends as well as other friends in the groups that I am involved in.

Currently I go to coding club, robotics, Dungeons & Dragons, Ice Skating lessons, Karate and I am a St Johns Ambulance Cadet. As I really like science, I hope one day that I will be a scientist or have a job in the medical area like a paramedic.

Kairi Age 5

I like to be home educated because I get to stay home and I love learning with my mum. I also like it when I get great sheets and get to spend time with my sister and all my different friends.  Kairi, aged 5.

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Paul Age 15

I love that I am home schooled for a few reasons. The first reason is that I have autism spectrum disorder, and at home I can change things or take more time to master something if I need to.

I can also go way ahead with my strengths, and follow my interests, for example I became interested in time paradoxes when I was 9 after watching an episode of Doctor Who, which then led to studying quantum physics for a few months .

I also really like that the field trips we take are at my family’s pace and we can see and do things the way we want to. Another reason is that I can be completely myself in the way I dress and express myself.

Antoine Age 8

I love being homeschooled because it means I don’t have to do Christmas or Halloween (we are Jehovah’s Witnesses). And also because I don’t have to write hundreds and thousands of words.

I like that I can give my opinion and talk to my mum about things I would like to do. I love that there are lots of different activities available for homeschoolers.

Advantages of homeschool from a childs perspective


Alfie-Jack Age 10

Home education to me is that I don’t get bullied any more. I hated school and was always picked on by my friends. I have been home educated now for 8 months and feel so much happier.

I’ve made lots of new friends and I am more confident.

So I thought I would summarise their main points:

Advantages of Homeschool Conclusion

  • Learn more
  • Freedom of Learning
  • Spending more time with mum
  • Take time to master subjects
  • Follow their own interests
  • Can express themselves freely
  • Socialise with family and friends
  • Religious reasons
  • No more bullies

Are you new to homeschooling? If so check out my post with over 80 free and cheap home education resources.

Are your children home educated? I would love to hear their thoughts too, please leave any comments below so I can add them to the blog.

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