Interactive Glow in the Dark Clothes: Illuminated Apparel Review

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So who doesn’t love glow in the dark clothes? Well if you don’t there is no point in carrying on reading our Illuminated Apparel review!

We certainly love all things glow in the dark.

Previously Freddie has only owned glow-in-the-dark pajamas until we came across this. I first heard about Illuminated Apparel at the beginning of the year when they featured on the Dragon’s Den. Deborah Meaden came up with all of the funds to produce their glow-in-the-dark clothes.

These will make great gifts for 12 year old boys too.

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Clothes that glow in the dark

Illuminated Apparel makes interactive glow in the dark clothes for both adults and children. Each t-shirt comes with a UV keyring that has a necktie so can be carried around with you so you can change the image on the top. We were sent a black t-shirt which has a super green glow.

Illuminated Apparel Kids Glow in the Dark clothes

I am going to apologize in advance for the photos but I have tried to capture this as best as I can. But it is super bright and Freddie loved it. The t-shirt is a really nice thick fabric and the area that can be drawn on is very large which is great for children.

Glow in Dark Splatter Neon Throw Pillow CoversGlow in Dark Splatter Neon Throw Pillow CoversIlluminated Apparel Pink LED Light Up Baseball CapIlluminated Apparel Pink LED Light Up Baseball CapIlluminated Apparel Glow Sketch Interactive Glow in TheIlluminated Apparel Glow Sketch Interactive Glow in TheIlluminated Apparel Interactive Glow in The Dark T-ShirtIlluminated Apparel Interactive Glow in The Dark T-Shirt


Illuminated Apparel Glow in the Dark T - Shirt Review

You don’t need to have the keyring you can also use a mobile phone torchlight or a laser pen. You can absolutely draw or write whatever you like. Now again I feel the need to apologize as Freddie is only 7 and of course his favorite word is poo! Look how fantastic this is!!!

Illuminated Apparel Poo

But look what else he did! Don’t you just love it! You can write all sorts and draw what you want as in a couple of minutes time it will have vanished for you to create your next masterpiece!

illuminated apparel t shirt heart shape

This Illuminated Apparel t-shirt was great for Freddie. Especially now it is dark early at night he can wear it and amaze all of his friends. This would also be great for adults at festivals.

Interactive Glow in the Dark T-shirt

Freddie and I highly recommend this t-shirt. This would make a great gift for 9 year old boys.

The interactive glow t-shirt for kids is well priced too. There are a couple of colors you could choose from a black with green writing like ours. Two blue options one with green writing and one with a peachy color.

Well, Amazon of course! They do sell everything! They have new products out now including cool hats, so I have included them below, but you can get the illuminated apparel T-shirts here.

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