Fun activities to keep kids busy in the summer

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With summer finally on its way it’s time to start thinking of fun ways to keep the kids busy. When kids get bored they often find some pretty destructive things to do. These fun activities will keep your kids busy this summer while making life easy for you.

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Ice painting

Ice painting is a great outdoor activity for kids. Mix a little food coloring or watercolor paint into water and freeze into ice cubes. Give your child large sheets of watercolor paper or even an old white sheet to color on and watch them have fun while cooling off.

Den building

Building a fan fort is a great way to keep kids cool during a heatwave. Use lightweight sheets to build a fort inside the house or even the backyard. Then place a fan in an opening in the side. Place a frozen jug of water in front of the fan to create a mini air conditioner for your fan fort.

Puddle jumping (you’re never too old)

After a nice summer rain put on those rain boots and go do some puddle jumping. Kids love splashing in the puddles and it is even more fun when they are allowed to do it without anyone rushing them to stop playing and get walking. 

Sprinkler fun

Too hot to play outside. Set up a sprinkler to make an arch over an area to play. Set up some lawn furniture and a water safe tea set and have your own sprinkler tea party. This is particularly fun during a heatwave and is a great way to keep kids from getting sick in the heat.

Build a fairy garden

Keep kids busy - Fairy Door

Give your child some supplies and set them loose to build a fairy garden of their own. Small fairy garden accessories can be found at the local dollar store and make a great way to keep the kids busy for hours in the summer.

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