Mine It Diamond and Gold Toy Review

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It is half term here and we have been mining for gold and diamonds with Mine It!

Freddie has always loved blind bags with the excitement of what he is going to get. However, this is so much more fun. As soon as Freddie had seen these advertised on TV he couldn’t wait to mine.

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Mine it Diamonds and Gold

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My son was adamant he was going to be rich when he found his real life diamond and gold!

He wasn’t going to sell the gold though he just wanted to keep it!! I asked if I could have the diamond if that is what he got but he wasn’t having any of it!

We opened the diamond first…

Mine it Diamond

In the box, there was a blue diamond shape structure plus mining equipment, a magnifying glass, a hammer, and a chisel.

The blue diamond shape was really solid and it took a lot of mining to get to the precious stone. I was a bit worried it would be a really quick boring process, but it took a lot of hard work to find the stone.

Mining for Diamonds

Freddie was so excited when he finally found the stone, and we kept trying to work out what he had discovered.

Finding a Precious Stone

We looked at the bottom of the diamond box and we found a black-like jasper precious stone. Although he was disappointed it wasn’t a diamond he thoroughly enjoyed doing it.

When we had finished this one he was very keen to see if he had gold in the other box!

Gold Mine It

Mine it Gold

This was great fun, and it was really exciting when we actually found the stone.

Mine it for Gold

This time we had uncovered rose crystal. I was expecting Freddie to be disappointed that we had not found a diamond or gold, but he was really pleased with these stones.

Precious Stones

There are 12 gold blocks and 12 diamond blocks, that each has a special rock inside. There is a 1 in 24 chance to discover the gold or the diamond.

The recommended age is 5+ which I think is about right. Freddie is 8 and it took him a good while to mine for the stone, so I think a younger child would struggle and lose interest. Order your mine it now.

Have you played with these? Did you find a diamond or gold?

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  1. Our first diamond and gold ‘Mine it’ and we found a gold. It was very exciting for my boys 6 and 8 years old. For my older son, that was a birthday gift. But I was expecting something bigger. It comes with certificate of authenticity but size of one millimetre. Overall boys were happy.

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