How to Make Reed Diffusers with Kids?

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One of the joys of homeschooling is I incorporate everyday life into some sort of educational activity. Today’s science experiment was on how to make reed diffusers!

I love my house to smell nice, especially as I am in it all the time, and every Christmas I will get at least one reed diffuser!

Now if I was to buy a new reed diffuser they can vary in price massively, but they are really expensive!

So rather than keep buying more, I thought for today’s school lesson we would make our own.

Make your own reed diffuser

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Making Reed Diffusers

If you are like me you will probably have lots of empty reed diffuser bottles. Wash these thoroughly and reuse them.


You only need 4 things to make reed diffusers:

Carrier Oil and Essential Oils for Reed Diffusers - How to make reed diffusers?

As we purchased so many different essential oils, we had so much fun working out the different smells.

Into each bottle, we added about 6 drops of one smell and 6 drops of a complimentary smell. This was really funny as they are all so strong when you are smelling them out of the bottle!

All you need to do is mix the essential oils and carrier oil together in the glass container.

Place the diffuser sticks into the glass containers, and it’s finished. Your home will start smelling lovely.

What are our favorite homeschool scents?

We played around with lots of different scents, but for our homeschool scent these were our favorites:

Orange with Lemon (as these were Freddie’s favorite and most obvious to decipher smells.)

Eucalyptus with Tea Tree and Rosemary

Lavender with Rosemary and Lemon

Bergamot and Patchouli

Make your own reed diffusers

It will take a while for the oil to travel up the sticks, so speed up the process by flipping the sticks after several hours.

Continue to turn the sticks every few days to keep the scent fresh.

For even more homeschool room ideas check out how we set up our home office space.

Have you made your own reed diffusers before? If so I would love to hear your recommendations on scent combos in the comments below.

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