What job title should you use when you are a blogger?

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Social Media Job Titles and why it is so hard to know what to say.

I have been blogging full time now since January and I still feel awkward when someone asks me what I do for a living. In fact most of the time I just say housewife! As Freddie is now 8 I do get a few funny looks and the number of times people say do you not get bored. Well, the reality is, I work full time, in fact probably on average well over a 10 hour day blogging.

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Blogging is a fairly new industry in the UK but there are hundreds of us who play down what we do. So many people have no idea what blogging is, or how we actually make money.

1. a website containing a writer’s or group of writers’ own experiences,observations,  opinions, etc., and often having images and links together websites.
2. a single entry or post on such a website: She regularly contributes a blog to the   magazine’s website.
verb (used without object), blogged, blogging.
3. to maintain or add new entries to a blog.
verb (used with object), blogged, blogging.
4. to express or write about on a blog: She’s been blogging her illness for almost a   year.
First recorded in 1995-2000; shortening of weblog
Related forms: blogger, noun

According to Fleamail there are 15k registered UK blogs registered over their 4 sites. Their sites include Tots 100, which is for parenting blogs. HIBS100 for UK lifestyle blogs. TRIPS100 for UK travel bloggers and FOODIES100 for food bloggers.

Social Media Job Titles

I have done some research within the blogging community and these are the social media job titles we give ourselves:

Social Media Job Titles and why is it so hard to find the right job title

So why are there so many job titles for effectively the same job?

Of course, we do all work slightly differently, but in essence, it is the same. I am surprised at how many people actually tell people they are a blogger, as my experience of this has been negative.

Is it because my peers are all over 40? Or is it something else?

A number of people think that blogging is just a hobby, now I know for some this is the case. But for us full-time bloggers this is how we make our living.

My previous employment was a Finance Director for a large engineering company, and as such people expect me to be doing a “normal” job. Going forward rather than say I am a housewife I will tell people I work for myself in marketing! I know this is a cop out but it avoids unwelcome looks and questions.

Lynn from Mrs Mummypenny has a different experience though. She was also in a high profile “normal” job before setting up her very successful blog. Lynn has been blogging for 5 years, 3 years full time, and is incredibly proud of being a blogger. She enjoys telling people all about her work and finds that people are genuinely interested.

What do other bloggers think?

Victoria from Lylia Rose “I never say the same thing! I say full time blogger, professional blogger or freelance blogger. Then I get the dreaded question ‘how do you make money blogging’ and I waffle on with them nodding probably not understanding anything I’m saying…” “Maybe I should say ‘I’m a full time freelance professional blogger’!! I never know how to simply tell someone I make money, there are so many ways, but mostly sponsored posts and it’s hard to explain that to someone who is clueless about websites and even technology (that’s if it’s older family members trying to understand and question me!)” “Ooh I guess saying I make money by helping companies with their digital marketing might be a good response 

Are you a full time blogger? What social media job titles do you use?

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