Awesome Things to do for Bored Kids – Say Yes To Everything Challenge

things to do for bored kids - play the saying yes challenge
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We do year round homeschooling, but we both definitely need a week off. So I thought I would start thinking about things to do for bored kids at home. I already knew the “I’m bored” question would come up multiple times a day.

I had work from home to do that week, so I thought it would be super boring for him. But I knew he needed a break from homeschool.

I have a strong willed child, who thrives on structure and routine, I was concerned that arranging nothing wouldn’t work.

My first instinct was to create a kids summer schedule, filled with activities and educational games. I chatted with some other moms, who told me I was completely bonkers and to let him be bored.

At dinner over the weekend, I told him that we were having a week off, as we both needed to recharge our batteries. He of course was happy but asked what he was going to do instead. So I said whatever you want, you have a week of “yes”. I am normally fairly uptight, so his beautiful face lit up!

I gave him $50 to spend on whatever he wanted for the week, and said he could do an outschool class, read, play, Lego, it was his to spend to entertain himself for the week ahead.

Things to do for Bored Kids – Say “Yes” For A Week


Set them a budget a couple of days in advance for them to spend on whatever they want. We agreed on $50 and agreed that there was no more money for the week. His choices actually surprised me, he brought 2 Lego books and a small lego kit.

Things to do for bored kids - play lego

Set Out Any Guidelines

We had a few rules:

  • no video games before 3pm (as trust me he would play them 24/7 if he could).
  • no more money for activities (unless they were educational)
  • video games that were educational (like Prodigy, typing games didn’t have any limits)
  • I wasn’t allowed to say “no”
  • he didn’t have to do his pocket money chores, if he didn’t want to (but that would mean no pocket money)
  • not allowed to say “I’m bored”

Let them plan before

The weekend before the yes week, I asked him to write down a list of all the things he wanted to do. I didn’t get involved at all, now trust me, that was super hard. So he came up with:

  • Playing on prodigy! (this one really surprised me, as I had already said it didn’t need to be educational!)
  • Playing checkers – he has set it up with his favorite lego figures so its more fun
  • Star Wars research
  • Watch Star Wars films and Clone Wars
  • Reading (again, super surprised by this one too, as I always have to remind him to do this everyday!)
  • Stop motion animation (he took a class on Outschool a couple of weeks ago and is now hooked.
  • Swimming
  • Weights!! (he apparently wants a 6 pack!!)
  • Play basketball
  • Playing the piano (check our our top 18 piano lessons online – most are FREE)

Say Yes to Everything Challenge – BEST WEEK EVER!

As a homeschool mom, I am already with my son 24/7 so I thought I knew what was coming. I was fully expecting within the first hour “I’m bored ….. mom what can I do?…… mom can you play with me?” Wow, how wrong was I! When he woke up, he had a big smile on his face and was in an excellent mood. This is very unusual as Mondays are always a bit of a downer, as it’s straight in with the English Language curriculum.

THINGS TO DO FOR BORED KIDS - play the say YES challenge

This was the best challenge I have ever done, we had such a good week. He was not bored once, and he discovered that he really liked the freedom. He voluntarily did educational activities without being asked. Also, he rediscovered his love of Lego building, and learned most of the Star Wars themed songs on the piano!

If you are looking for other fun things to do to for bored kids, check out our post on 35 homeschool activities.

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