TopCashback Review: Can I really make money by spending?

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If you want more money in your wallet you need to read my Topcashback review now.

Topcashback in my opinion is the best cash-back site both in the UK and USA. I was with Topcashback UK for over 5 years and now I live in America I have been using Topcashback USA for 3 years.

I have in that time made over £1.7k from the UK and since moving to America I have made over $785.

Continue reading to see my honest Topcashback review.

The reason it was higher in the UK is that I purchased all of my home and car insurance via Topcashback, you can’t do this in America (well certainly not in Florida).

Topcashback reviews

How to Make Money with TopCashback

I absolutely love shopping, however, I do most of it online now. Especially our homeschool curriculums. Mainly as I don’t fancy dragging my son around the shops.

But also I find it a bit of a hassle going from shop to shop.

I hate trying on clothes in shops too, so for that reason, I tend to buy online and return what I don’t want.

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I have been shopping via TopCashback UK now for 5 years and I have saved myself a massive £1,660. Join Topcashback UK now you have nothing to lose.


Now I live in America I have started using Topcashback here too, check it out here if you are in America.

Not only do they offer cashback. They often have discount codes so you can actually buy the product cheaper than you can in the shops.

This is approximately an extra £300 cash in my wallet each year.

I always transfer them into Amazon vouchers where I can. As that is an additional 2.5% uplift so in fact, it is actually £1,660.

I use Topcashback for everything I purchase online whether it is clothes, toys, holidays, mobile phone contracts, or insurance.

TopCashback UK works with over 5k merchants so nearly every high street shop has a link through TopCashBack.

If you are in America you can get a massive 8% cashback from Macy’s!

Is Topcashback legit?

Absolutely. There are no catches and it is completely free to join.

You can upgrade for £5 a year to TopCashback Plus account, which entitles you to greater rewards, but this is purely optional. You don’t even have to pay them it is deducted from earnings at the end of the year.

All you need to do is click on their website or app. Type in the name of the company you which to purchase from and they direct you straight to the correct website.

Just be careful though. If you have sourced a discount code from somewhere other than TopCashback it may affect your eligibility for cashback.

There is also NO minimum payout threshold. So if you have got cashback for £1 once it has been tracked (which can be anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months) you can either get a BACS transfer directly into your bank account, or you can opt for gift vouchers.

Gift vouchers have a premium as well. So if you opted to get your cashback transferred into a Zeek card for example you would receive an extra 20%.

How to Transfer Money From Topcashback to Bank Account?

This is so simple and works the same in the UK as it does in America.

When you originally make the transaction via Topcashback the money will sit in pending until it is confirmed by the supplier.

Depending on the supplier (it will tell you before you purchase) it can take a couple of weeks/months before it is payable.

But all you do is go to your account, sign in (it will take you to the desktop version if you are on the App), go to payout and you can choose how you receive your funds.

Either a direct deposit into your bank account or to make even more money you can opt for store credit. I always do Amazon which is 2% bonus, but there are lots of other stores, including Nike (5% bonus) or Virtual Visa Prepaid card (5% bonus) plus many more.

What if there is a problem with TopCashback Payout?

Occasionally I have had either missing transactions or declined transactions. But every time I have contacted their very helpful customer service department it has been resolved.

There is a tab in your account where you can raise queries or problems, as of course problems will arise. I have, very rarely, had cashback declined so I have emailed them the details and they looked into it.

Nine times out of ten this has been resolved and the cashback has been returned back to my account.

Topcashback Review

There are only benefits of using Topcashback. I can not think of one negative thing, it is free money. There are no cons, catches, or hidden terms and conditions. They have 129k excellent reviews on Trustpilot too, so you don’t need to just take my word for it.

If you are careful and do not have your payouts immediately this could be used for most of your Christmas shopping or for your next load of homeschool books! Check out other ways to earn money for Christmas.

So what are you waiting for, join TopCashback UK right now, or if you are in America join Topcashback here.

If you like to save/make money check out my review of Oh My Dosh, another cashback site in the UK.

Topcashback Review USA

If you are in the United States you can still join this amazing topcashback company.

topcashback USA

Join today to start making money now.

It is the same as Rakuten (if you are new to Rakuten though you will get $40 the first time you use it – this is the only reason I actually have an account with them), which I also use.

But 9 times out of 10 use Topcashback as the rates are better.

What are your favorite money-saving tricks? Let me know in the comments I would love to read them.

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  2. Somehow I’ve never signed up for Topcashback even though I’ve been with Quidco for years. Thanks for the reminder, I shall get applying.

    1. You definitely should do it, I never shop online now until I have checked with them first 🙂

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