The Surge in the Used Car Market in 2021

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As Covid-19 begins to be brought under control in some areas, the world is opening up again. However, the pandemic has wrought some changes on the way we work, live, and – most importantly – commute.

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Mass Transport

Public transport is something that those worried about their health are avoiding for the time being. This includes those who sold off their cars in order to become more ecologically friendly. However, these same people are now returning to the idea of private transport and are investing some money in cars – but with their environmental concerns in mind, they are opting for second-hand rather than new cars.

Environmentally Friendly Vehicles?

Yes, second-hand cars will keep your carbon footprint nice and low even as you return to the roads in a personal capacity! This is because the longer a car is used for the more diluted, so to speak, the environmental impact of the metals, resources and chemicals used in manufacturing vehicles. But there are even more advantages to second-hand car ownership.

Lower Price

The retail prices of new vehicles tend to be fairly high, and with steep depreciation, a nearly-new car could be anywhere from twenty percent to fifty percent cheaper, even if the vehicle is in great condition and not yet very old.

And Lower Taxes

Along with that lower retail price, you will also largely avoid paying tax on the second-hand car. Any tax that is charged is based upon that reduced retail price, so you make a saving either way!

More Choices

Buying a new car limits you to the makes and models that are freshly available on the market, whereas buying a second-hand car opens up as many models and makes as are included in the range of years that you are considering for your vehicle.

If you are considering joining the second-hand car revolution, but are deterred by the thought of trying to find a reliable seller, put your mind at ease! Dealerships have strategies and processes in place during which the vehicle is thoroughly checked for mechanical soundness, the financial history is checked so you know it is legally available for resale and a host of other checks are done. Your second-hand car will come with inspection reports, a full history and various warranties designed to give you peace of mind in your purchase. KAP Motors is one such credible car dealership that not only provides you pre-inspected cars but also provide easy payment plans, so you don’t have to save a ton before making your purchase. You can buy quality used Nissan cars at cheap prices from KAP Motors and rest assured you will not regret it.

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