Escape Room Puzzle Ideas for Home

13 of the best escape room puzzle ideas that you can enjoy at home with the kids, for FREE!

1. Rebus Generator  Not only does it look really cool, but it can also take a while for kids to decipher the clue!

2. Spiral Word Puzzle  Hide the next clue in this puzzle generator.

3. Fake Newspaper  Create some fake news

4. Riddles  Create a fun riddle for your next clue.

5. Fake Receipt  Create a clue on this fake receipt.

6. Letter with missing text  Choose to take out vowels only, or whatever letters you want

7. Morse Code  Make a clue from morse code with this free generator

8. Fake Driving License  Hide a clue in this fake driving license.

9. PigPen Cipher  Write a clue in ciphertext

10. Fake Concert Ticket Hide a clue in this fake concert ticket

11. Word Maze Hide a clue in this fun word maze

12. Fake Text Message Generate your next clue in a fun fake text message

13. Reverse Text Generate your next clue in reverse

Learn how to generate all of these escape room puzzles for FREE. Click for link below for details