Free Printable State Facts Worksheet

Have fun learning all about the United States with this free printable state facts worksheet.  This free geography worksheet can be used when studying social studies or geography.

There is a mix of coloring, researching, and drawing with this fun worksheet, and it can be used for every State.

This worksheet can be used with all 50 states and the activities are: – Color in the state on the map – Draw & color the state flag – Draw & color the state flower – Draw & color the state bird – What is the state capital? – What is the land area? – What is the total population? – What is the state abbreviation? – Who is the state governor? – What is the state nickname? – and MORE!

This one page free homeschool printable worksheet can be used with all 50 states and is perfect for kids in all grades.

We like to use the 50 States book when we are learning about the 50 States as there are so many interesting facts in there.

Most things you will need to find on the worksheet are in the book. For example, I had no idea that Taylor Swift was from Pennsylvania!

There are some interesting and unusual facts about each of the 50 states in the United States that the kids will enjoy in this post too!

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