50 Free United States Coloring Pages for US Geography

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Have fun while learning all about America with these 50 free United States coloring pages.

As we have only been in America for 3 years, and I am ashamed to say now, we couldn’t have named all 50 states. Never mind knowing the state flags or the capitals!

We have been busy learning them over the years, and we have now created these FREE United States coloring pages to help.

Not only is the state flag included and the capitals, but also the major cities are also shown on each map.

We will be using these again now in middle school, (as Freddie said this morning, he had forgotten all about Delaware!) But these are really aimed at kindergarten through elementary school. But like us you can really use these at any time.

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United States coloring book free printable

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United States Coloring Pages

Warning – this is a huge printable!

There is one page for all of the states, so a total of 50 pages. You can either print them off all at once. Or save the download on your computer, and print out each state as you are learning about it.

We like to use the 50 States book when we are learning about the 50 states as there are so many interesting facts in there. For example, in our home state of Florida, I had no idea that there was a Salvador Dali museum in Tampa. But more than that it shows the statehood date, the capital, the bird and so much more.

50 states book

This is the free United States coloring page for South Carolina (download them all at the end of this post) inside the above book. Fun fact, I saw the late James Brown perform in the UK about 30 years ago! He was awesome!

united states coloring page

As you can see this book definitely helps while learning about the States. It tells you moments to remember, and sites to see, for example, did you know you can see Dr. Seuss’s hands at Baylor University?

united states coloring pages

We like to use these dual-tipped coloring pens but colored pencils or crayons will work great too.

This is our home state of Florida, as you can see all of the major cities are highlighted.

florida coloring page

If you are looking for more fun ideas on how to remember the states check out our recent post. There are so many really fun and some free ways that we really enjoy. Including songs, free worksheets, activity books, books about America, and even more free printables.

United States Coloring Pages Download

Make sure you choose the correct paper size and click on the shrink to fit button. All of our printables work better when printed on cardstock (this is the one we use and love.)

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