What Is the US Government? Government Worksheets

Learning about the government is super important and should be done as early as possible.  These 13 free government worksheets are perfect for early elementary grades.

These worksheets are like your secret weapon to spark curiosity and help young minds grasp the fundamental concepts of how our country is run.

Teaching kids about the government has never been this fun and engaging. Here are some samples:

These free homeschool printables are not just pieces of paper. They’re bridges to understanding, tools for empowerment, and pathways to active citizenship.

This worksheet helps students grasp the essential concept of Congress. The legislative body that makes and passes laws in the United States.

The worksheet dedicated to the Executive Branch delves into the functions and responsibilities of the President, Vice President, and their administration.

Students explore the Legislative Branch in greater depth. The worksheet explains how laws are proposed, debated, and passed through the House of Representatives and the Senate.

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