Frankenstein Handprint Craft for Halloween

This kid friendly and non scary Halloween activity allows you to bring Frankenstein to life in a fun and adorable way.

You probably have all of the supplies to make this Frankenstein handprint craft.

Supplies needed: – cardstock – washable paints – paintbrush – dot markers – glitter glue pens – kids glue – construction paper – scissors – googly wiggle eyes

There are 2 ways you can use the Frankenstein template. You can either paint your child’s hand or you can draw around it and stick construction paper around the handprint.

Let the kids decide what color handprint they want to use we have chosen green for our Frankenstein monster.

Cover their hand with paint and place their hand upward with their fingers directly above the bolts and the eyes.

Let it dry completely before adding googly eyes and stickers. Cut out the stickers and let the kids decide whether they want to add them to this picture or to another one.

The stickers are a fun way to decorate the trick or treat bags too!

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