Free Book Scavenger Hunt

This book scavenger hunt is great for kids of all ages but aimed at elementary-aged kids (we still play it in middle school though.)

This book scavenger hunt printable is a fantastic game to play either at home, at school, or even better in a library.

There are 15 books that need to be found: 1. Animal on the front cover 2. Christmas book 3. Roald Dahl book 4. Turned into a movie 5. Autobiography And MORE!

This book scavenger hunt printable is an absolutely great way to introduce new, and different books to children.

Can I adapt this for older students? They can still hunt for the books, but this time, tell them to find a book they have already read.

Get the kids to read a book that has been turned into a movie and then write a comparison report.

Get the kids to read one of the books and then write a book review on it.

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