Free Halloween Graphing Worksheets

We have created 3 free Halloween graphing worksheets that the young kids are going to love.

These Halloween activities for kids are perfect for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade students. There is coloring, counting, and graph work all in this free spooky printable.

cardstock just makes the worksheets more sturdy (normal paper will also work) – crayola twistables or crayons of choice.

Supplies needed:

This is a great activity for either in the classroom or in your homeschool. Grab the supplies and give each child one of the Halloween graph worksheets.

Get the children to color in all of the same images, whether it is a skeleton or a witch, in the same color.

When they have colored in all 4 different images, the next job is to count how many of each image there are.

Then have a discussion with the children and ask them which image had the most, and which image had the least for each worksheet.

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