Free Career Exploration Worksheet and Career Options for Teens

We have been thinking a lot recently about what high school electives to choose. Then I realized if we didn’t have a clue what career he might want to have it was pointless.

I have put together a free career exploration worksheet that you can print out for free and use with the free career tests listed in the post.

Middle school is the perfect time to think about career exploration as it should be used to decide on important high school electives.

Download our free career exploration worksheet at the end of this post, and use it with O’Net for free. It is so easy to just use annual salary averages, but if they are not going to be interested in the job the salary is irrelevant.

What color is your parachute? For teens is the best career exploration book we have found. It is now updated to the 4th edition and is updated as of April 2022.

We have taken a career test for teenagers from TruSpark which gave us some great insight.

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