6 Free Letters To Santa Wish Lists (& Where To Send Them)

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Now is the perfect time for the little boys and girls to write their Santa wish lists.

But Santa wants something nice and special, not just on a scrap of paper. So download our 6 free letters to Santa below, and make their letter stand out this year.

As the kids have gone the extra mile this Christmas writing a special Santa wish list, I am going to share with you some great ideas on where to send them to ensure they get a response. Or some ideas on where to leave them if you want to keep them!

santa wish list printables

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Make a Wish List for Santa

There are 6 different Christmas wish lists you can download for free.

The first Santa wish list is probably my favorite as the kids can color it in too.

santa wish list free printable

Christmas wish list: Dear Santa, how are you. I have been very good this year. Here is my wish list.

Younger kids will also love creating their very own Santa handprint with our free template.

Dear Santa. Make sure the children use their best handwriting on this one.

christmas wish lists

I love the personalized Christmas wishlist as it makes the children think about the 4 main presents only. What I really really want, things I need, other things I would like to get, and stocking stuffers. (If you have boys check out our favorite stocking stuffers for boys.)

Dear Santa, I’ve been nice this year… Here’s my wish list! I really need, I need, I really want and I want.

letter to santa

The Christmas wish list with 12 Christmas wishes is a lot, however, I recommend asking the kids what activities they would like to do and not just list 12 gifts!

The other 2 boxes are for the children to tell Santa a little about themselves with their favorite books and favorite movies.

santa wish lists

When the children have written their Santa wish lists they need to send them to the North Pole. Carry on reading to find out where to send them for free to make sure they get a response from Father Christmas.

How To Receive A Letter From Santa

What else to do with the Christmas wish lists?

If you have left it too late to get a response from either USPS or Royal Mail these are some other magical places to leave the Santa wish list.

These will become a lifelong tradition (no matter the age of the kids!)

Download Free Printable Santa Wish List Letters

Make sure you choose the correct paper size and click on the shrink to fit button. All of our free printables work better when printed on cardstock (this is the one we use and love.)

If you are looking for even more Christmas wish lists there are hundreds on Etsy that you are also going to love.

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