100+ Free Printable Writing Prompts for Kids

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If you are looking for free printable writing prompts for kids you are in the right place.

These free printables for kids are a great way to encourage creative writing.

Do your students struggle with writer’s block? Or struggle with writing altogether?

You are not alone, I had the same problem with my son. That was until I gave him some of these fun writing prompts.

We have over 100 different printable writing prompt worksheets for all holidays throughout the year.

But we are always adding more, so keep checking back.

free printable writing prompts

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How to download the free writing prompts

Each of the printable writing prompts is broken down into different holidays to make it easier to download the ones you want.

Click on each link, scroll to the end of the page, and add your email address. You will receive the printable pdf within minutes.

Why not treat the kids to a new notebook (I also love this unicorn notebook and sketchbook) and see how long it will take them to fill it with new stories?

Printable writing prompts for kids

Now, we know that getting some kids to put pen to paper can sometimes feel like pulling teeth.

But fear not!

Even the most reluctant writers will find themselves drawn to these fantastic prompts.

With their fun and interactive nature, they’ll have your kids eagerly reaching for their favorite writing tools in no time.

If I were writing printables

Welcome to a world of imagination and creativity with our “If I Were” writing printables. These worksheets are designed to spark young minds, encouraging them to explore various imaginative scenarios. Each sheet offers a unique perspective, inviting children to step into different roles and share their unique viewpoints.

If I Were King for a Day worksheets: Envisioning royal responsibilities, these worksheets challenge students to think about ruling a kingdom for a day.

If I Were an Astronaut worksheet: This worksheet takes students on an imaginative journey into space, exploring what life would be like as an astronaut.

If I Were President worksheet: This worksheet gives students a chance to think about leadership and decision-making as the President of a country.

If I Were a Leprechaun writing prompt: This prompt encourages students to delve into Irish folklore by imagining life as a mischievous leprechaun.

If I were the Easter bunny writing: Inspire children to unleash their creativity by imagining themselves in the role of the beloved holiday character.

if i were a leprechaun writing printable

The If I were a pirate writing template is a creative educational resource designed to stimulate students’ imagination and writing skills by encouraging them to envision and articulate their experiences as if they were pirates.

If I Were a Reindeer worksheet: Imagining the life of Santa’s helper, this worksheet allows students to explore the festive world of a reindeer.

If I Were an Elf worksheet: Delving into a fantastical realm, students can describe their experiences and adventures as an elf.

if i were an elf writing

Grade specific writing prompts

First grade writing prompts printables: Focus on simple storytelling for first graders.

free 1st grade printable writing prompts

Fantasy and adventure writing prompts

Star Wars writing prompt printables: Embark on galactic adventures with Star Wars-inspired prompts.

Pirate writing prompt printables: Imagine sea voyages and treasure hunts with pirate-themed prompts.

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Holiday writing prompt printables

Celebrate the year’s special events and holidays with these themed writing prompts. From the 100th day of school to Christmas, each prompt is designed to spark creativity and reflection, tailored to specific occasions.

100th day of school writing prompt printables: Celebrate learning and growth with prompts centered around the 100th day of school.

Free printable Valentine’s Day writing prompts: Explore themes of love and friendship with Valentine’s Day prompts.

printable Valentine's Day writing prompts free

President’s Day writing prompt printables: Reflect on leadership with these President’s Day prompts.

St Patrick’s Day writing prompt printables: Discover Irish folklore with St Patrick’s Day prompts.


April Fools Day writing prompt printables: Engage in humor with April Fools Day prompts.

Easter writing prompt printables: Encourage tales about Easter with these themed prompts.

Earth Day writing prompt printables: Discuss environmental responsibility with Earth Day prompts.

Summer writing prompt printables: Capture summer vacation adventures with these prompts.

Back to school writing prompt printables: Express hopes and goals for the new academic year.

first day of school writing prompts

Free printable Halloween writing prompts: Dive into spooky storytelling for Halloween.

12 days of Christmas wishes: Reflect on the traditional 12 days of Christmas.

7th day of christmas writing

Christmas writing prompt printables: Explore the holiday spirit and traditions with Christmas prompts.

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