Greek Mythology Worksheets (13 coloring pages)

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Learn all about 13 of the most famous Greek mythological characters with our Greek mythology worksheets.

Including Greek Gods, Goddesses, Titans, and just plain old monsters!

The kids will enjoy these Greek mythology coloring pages as not only will they color them in they will learn all about them.

Add these Greek Gods worksheets to your history lesson plans and the kids will love them.

greek mythology coloring pages

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Greek mythology coloring pages

Learn all about the 13 best-known Greek mythological characters, and color them in.

Included on each page is:

  • their name,
  • a picture of them to color in,
  • what they are they are also known as,
  • who their parents were,
  • who their spouse was,
  • who their children were,
  • and a brief summary of what they are most famous for.


Gais is the goddess of the Earth and she’s basically like the Earth’s mom. She was born from nothing and gave birth to the sky, the mountains, and everything else on Earth.

So, you can say she’s a pretty big deal.

uranus coloring page


Uranus is Gaia’s hubby and the god of the sky. He was created by Gaia, but he was pretty mean to her and their kids, so she kicked him to the curb.

He’s also the father of the Titans, so you can thank him for all the crazy drama in Greek mythology.


Hermes is the god of thieves, commerce, and messengers. He’s like the Greek version of Amazon Prime, delivering messages and packages all around the place.

He’s also the god of pranks, so watch out if he’s around.

hermes coloring page


Theseus is the son of Poseidon and he’s famous for killing the Minotaur. He’s also super strong and brave, but he had a pretty complicated love life.

Let’s just say it involved a lot of drama with women.

You will also enjoy our free Greek Gods coloring pages!


Typhon is like the ultimate boss villain in Greek mythology.

He’s a giant monster with fiery eyes and wings.

He was so powerful that even the gods were scared of him. He caused a lot of destruction before he was finally defeated.

typhon coloring page


Prometheus is the god of forethought and he’s super smart. He was known for stealing fire from the gods and giving it to humans.

This really annoyed Zeus, so he punished him by having an eagle eat his liver every day.

But don’t worry, his liver would grow back overnight.


Psyche is the goddess of the soul and she’s super beautiful. She fell in love with Cupid, but their love story was not easy.

She had to complete a bunch of difficult tasks just to be with him, but it all worked out in the end.

pan coloring page


Pan is the god of nature and he looks like a mix between a goat and a man. He’s super playful and loves to play pranks on people.

He’s also known for playing a really cool instrument called the pan flute.


Hebe is the goddess of youth and she’s super pretty. She was the cupbearer for the gods, meaning she was in charge of bringing them their drinks.

She was also married to Hercules, who was a pretty big deal in Greek mythology.

minotaur coloring page


Minotaur is like a monster with the head of a bull and the body of a man. He was trapped in a maze and Theseus had to fight him to save some people.

It was a pretty intense fight and definitely not something you would want to encounter in real life.


Iris is the goddess of rainbows and she’s super colorful. She’s like the mail carrier for the gods, delivering messages from one end of the world to the other.

She’s also known for being a really fast runner.

hestia coloring page


Hestia is the goddess of the hearth and home, meaning she’s in charge of keeping everyone warm and cozy.

She was super important in ancient Greece and every household had an altar dedicated to her.


He’s the god of love and he’s super cute. He has wings and a bow and arrow, which he uses to shoot people with love.

In Roman mythology, he is known as Cupid.

Greek mythology books for kids

Why not add to your learning with these fantastic Greek mythology books for kids:

Ancient Greek Mythology for Children. This book teaches kids about the fascinating and exciting world of Ancient Greek mythology, with its gods, heroes, monsters, and legends.

Treasury of Greek Mythology is a collection of classic tales from Greek mythology. Featuring gods, goddesses, heroes, and monsters that are sure to captivate and entertain readers of all ages.

Weird but True: Greek Mythology. In this book, kids can learn all sorts of strange and interesting facts about Greek mythology. Including the gods, heroes, and creatures that make up these ancient stories.

Everything Mythology. This is an entertaining and informative guide from National Geographic. That takes readers on a journey through the fascinating world of mythology. With facts, photos, and fun stories fit for both gods and goddesses.

A Childs’s Introduction to Greek Mythology. This book provides a child-friendly introduction to Greek mythology. With exciting stories of gods, goddesses, heroes, monsters, and other mythical creatures.

Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods is a humorous retelling of the classic Greek myths from the point of view of Percy Jackson. A modern-day demigod. Filled with wit and excitement that both kids and adults can enjoy.

Free Greek mythology resources

If you are looking for free Greek mythology worksheets you are going to love these:

Download the Greek mythology coloring pages

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Have fun learning about the following 13 Greek mythological characters:

  1. Gaia
  2. Uranus
  3. Hermes
  4. Theseus
  5. Typhon
  6. Prometheus
  7. Psyche
  8. Pan
  9. Hebe
  10. Minotaur
  11. Iris
  12. Hestia
  13. Eros

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