Birthday Scattergories Free Printable Game

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Are you planning a birthday party and looking for something unique to entertain your guests? Look no further than the birthday scattergories free printable!

This is a great game for large groups and lots of fun for everyone. It’s not just for birthday parties but a cool game for any type of party, including family game night.

Incorporate this printable into your party, and watch as your guests brainstorm and laugh over different categories. Making your birthday bash a memorable event.

You can add a festive twist to any celebration with holiday scattergories printables, perfect for seasonal parties and gatherings.


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Ways to use this printable scattergories game

Birthday parties often bring together guests who may not know each other well. Using the birthday scattergories printable as an ice-breaker is a great way to ease everyone into the party mood.

Start the game as soon as the guests have arrived. It encourages guests to interact, share laughs, and get comfortable with each other. It’s not just about finding the funniest or most unique answers; it’s about sparking conversations and building connections.

To ramp up the excitement, divide your guests into teams. Teams can be made up of people who don’t know each other well, mixing friends and family to encourage new friendships.

This setup brings an element of friendly competition to your party, as teams vie to outwit each other with the most creative answers. You can add a twist by assigning playful team names or having teams create a quick team banner using party supplies.

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Setting up your birthday scattergories game

Download the free birthday scattergories printable below. It is free for personal and classroom use only. Scroll to the bottom of the page for immediate access to the pdf file.

Print enough copies for all your guests. Using cardstock will make the sheets more durable and give them a professional feel.

Besides the printed sheets, you’ll need pens or pencils for each player. If you’ve opted for a competitive team play, consider different colored pens for each team. You might also need a timer; a simple kitchen timer or a smartphone timer works perfectly.

birthday scattergories free printable

Before starting the fun game, take a few minutes to explain the rules to your guests. Each player or team will have a set amount of time (usually 2-3 minutes) to come up with unique words that fit into the categories on the sheet.

The words must start with the letter at the top of the sheet. For instance, if the letter is ‘B,’ and the category is ‘Things at a Party,’ valid answers could be ‘Balloons,’ ‘Birthday Cake,’ etc.

After the time is up, players share their answers. Unique answers get points, while duplicate answers do not. Decide in advance how many points each unique answer is worth.

If you’re keeping score, tally up the points at the end to declare a winner!

Birthday category lists for scattergories

The category list for this free printable game are:

  • Cake flavor
  • Party game
  • Birthday wish
  • Birthday present
  • Something red
  • Party game
  • Game prize
  • Birthday drink
  • Party decoration
  • Something you wear

There is no need to get an alphabet dice as the letters are included on the game sheet. The letters at the top of the 4 printable game cards are:





free birthday scattergories printable

How to have a fun and memorable game experience

To ensure your birthday scattergories game is a hit, focus on fostering a creative and inclusive environment. Here are some detailed tips to enhance your game setup:

Encourage your guests to think outside the box with their answers. The funniest and most unexpected responses often become the highlight of the game, sparking laughter and memorable moments. You could even consider giving bonus points for answers that make everyone laugh, adding an incentive for creativity.

The key to a successful birthday scattergories game lies in participation. Make sure everyone feels comfortable and eager to contribute. If you notice some guests are more reserved, gently encourage them to share their ideas or pair them with more outgoing players. The objective is to make everyone feel included and valued.

birthday scattergories

If playing in teams, encourage each team to collaborate and build on each other’s ideas. This not only helps in coming up with unique answers but also ensures that everyone in the team feels involved and contributes.

Remember, the key to a successful game is participation and enjoyment, so keep the atmosphere light and inclusive.

Tips for downloading the free files

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Download the free scattergory boards printables

Make sure you choose the correct paper size and click on the shrink to fit button. All of our free printables for kids work better when printed on cardstock (this is the one we use and love.)

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