33 Best Earth Day Crafts for Kids

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On April 22nd, each year, Earth Day is observed. I had no idea this was even a holiday until last year. Although it has been celebrated for over 50 years. If you’re looking for some unique and easy Earth Day crafts you can do with the kids check out our favorites.

There are many exciting and engaging arts and crafts projects with recycled materials for children of all ages. From toddlers to middle schoolers, they’ll enjoy making for Earth Day.

Earth is where we all live so Earth Day is the perfect time to teach kids about how to be environmentally responsible.

Let’s start with some Earth crafts you can do with your children, whether they’re toddlers or older.

There are Earth Day coloring pages you can print out for the little kids that will give them great Earth-themed scenes to color. Earth Day bookmarks, and fun Earth day crafts for kids of all ages.

Tons of Earth Day activities for elementary students are easy to do at home with your children throughout the year.

You don’t need to wait until Earth Day. I have included links to our favorite Earth Day crafts so you can find out exactly how to do these with your kids.

earth day crafts for kids

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Simple Earth Day crafts for kids

We have a variety of Earth Day craft ideas, from basic to more complex. But they are all super fun and will be great conversation starters with kids.

Making these Earth Day crafts is a great way to celebrate Earth Day with children.

You probably already have the necessary items to make all these crafts. But if you click through the links there will be step-by-step guides to show you how to make these wonderful crafts.

Create special memories with our free Earth Day handprint art.

earth day tree handprint art

How to make a paper mache planet Earth? This is a super fun activity that can be done with kids of all ages. Follow along with the video and check out the minimal supplies needed for this super fun Earth Day activity.


Recycled craft town is possibly my favorite Earth Day craft. But, it’s not quick and easy! Over the coming weeks keep your cartons and cardboard and create this super cool recycled craft town.

Doors and Window Printables a fun DIY kids craft toy made out of recycling

Cute Earth paper craft for kids.I love this for young kids, it is super easy to follow along with, and the template helps no end! Grab it for free in the post.

hand holding paper Earth craft #1

Make: Celestino Piatti-Inspired garden art for kids now doesn’t this look super impressive? You can tell it’s not my artwork! With the follow-along guides though, this is really simple actually (I know it doesn’t look it) and so effective.

Earth Day Crafts for kids

This handprint Earth craft is so cute and something you will treasure forever. I was looking through our Christmas supplies only the other day and found a handprint decoration my son made when he was about 3. Yes, I cried! But this will make a wonderful keepsake too.

Planet Earth Craft For Kids | Make this fun handprint Earth craft to celebrate Earth Day! It's a …

These unicorn planters are a perfect way for kids to celebrate Earth Day.

These unicorn planters are a magical way for kids to celebrate Earth Day.

Make: Melted crayon butterflies with kids is another simple but really awesome Earth Day craft that the kids will absolutely love. You will too, the butterflies come out so well.

Melted crayon butterfly craft

This Earth Day craft for kids uses plastic from your recycling bin! Trace the free template for a fun craft that embodies the spirit of the day, and create these awesome Earth suncatchers.

Earth Day crafts

Use empty jars and cans to create some adorable “grass-haired” friends. Every time I do this I am always amazed at how quickly the grass grows.

grass hair earth day crafts

Favorite cardboard DIY ideas to keep children busy and entertained. The older kids can do it alone, but you will definitely need to supervise!

Cardboard creations

Use a few simple supplies to put together this cute Lorax Truffula Tree Seed Craft. It’s perfect for celebrating Earth Day!


Earth Day bookmark corner design is a really effective but easy craft to make.

Earth Day Corner Bookmark Design

Layers of the Earth bowls is another paper mache project, but this one is all about the layers of the Earth.

Layers of the Earth Bowls - Science Fair Project - A fabulous RECYCLED project for Earth Day or any Science Fair Project. Explore the basic Solar System - Sun, Earth and Moon, with this fun Art come Science projects - includes information about the earth's core layers. Makes for beautiful bowls. A perfect gift for Science Teachers or science nerds too! Love. So pretty.

Mosaic paper recycling craft is super simple (my kind of craft!) but looks really cool, and is a fun way to start the conversation about recycling. Grab your old magazines and encourage the kids to improve their fine motor skills.

recyclying craft for earth day

How to upcycle and reuse old books to make beautiful bookmarks! I have to say, personally, as a huge lover of books in our house, we just keep them forever. However, these would be great for our old workbooks (as we homeschool we have a lot).

Watercolor Bookmarks 01

Torn paper Earth craft is a great activity for young children. Get them to tear the tissue into small pieces of paper and stick it onto the Earth template.

earth day crafts

Happy Earth sewing craft is a gorgeous project for older kids, doesn’t it look awesome?

Earth sewing craft

Earth Day shaving cream craft and get messy! I am not a big fan of messy play, but even I want to create this paper plate earth. It looks awesome!

Earth Day shaving foam craft

Egg box bird feeder is another one of our favorite Earth Day activities for preschoolers. Reuse and recycle your egg cartons and make wonderful bird feeders.

Egg box bird feeder

Combine green recycling with green gardening through these fun ideas for using recycled materials in the garden. Turn your empty plastic bottles into a gardening treat.


This fun Earth Day paper plate process art craft is a great way to get creative and celebrate Earth Day. It’s also a great visual reminder for children that we all hold the Earth’s health in our little hands.

Earth Day paper plate

Spinning paper Earth craft is perfect for slightly older children and is so much fun to create.

Spinning paper earth craft

Earth Day black glue craft. Get creative this Earth Day and make beautiful, eco-friendly art with this step-by-step guide to a black glue craft!

Earth day black glue craft

Paper cup Earth windsocks craft. Transform ordinary paper cups into adorable Earth Day windsocks with this fun and easy craft tutorial!


How to Make Earth Day seed bombs. Looking for a fun way to celebrate Earth Day and promote plant growth? Check out this guide on making seed bombs – an easy and enjoyable activity for all ages!

How to Make Earth Day Seed Bombs

Earth Day sun catchers. Capture the essence of Earth Day and let the sun shine through with a DIY Earth suncatchers craft tutorial. A perfect way to celebrate our beautiful planet and brighten up your home!

Earth Day suncatcher

How to make seed paper hearts. Spread the love for our planet this Earth Day with this tutorial on making seed paper hearts. A unique and eco-friendly way to show your appreciation for Mother Earth!

Seed paper pin

Earth Day Activity – using blue and green paint and a plate, kids create beautiful one-of-a-kind earth prints.

Earth Day kids activity

Recycled seed ball. Reduce waste and give back to the earth with this tutorial on making recycled seed balls. A simple and sustainable way to promote plant growth and celebrate Earth Day!

recycled seed ball

Free printable Earth Day art projects

If you don’t have time for the above Earth Day crafts why not print out these free Earth Day art activities instead.

Have fun reading as you color these free Earth Day coloring pages.

Earth Day coloring bookmarks printable print out and color 3 different Earth Day bookmarks like the ones below.

free printable earth day bookmarks

Two hands holding Earth heart art project. Show your love for the planet with this creative art project tutorial, featuring two hands holding an Earth heart. A beautiful and meaningful way to commemorate Earth Day and inspire eco-consciousness!


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