Earth Day Handprint Art (6 Free Templates)

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Celebrating Earth Day can be a fun and educational experience for kids, and a great way to mark the occasion is through Earth Day handprint art.

This creative activity not only provides a hands-on way to express our commitment to protecting the planet but also serves as a memorable keepsake.

Earth handprint art projects are perfect for families, schools, or any group looking to raise awareness about environmental conservation.

By using a simple mix of paint and paper, young children can create beautiful representations of the Earth, using their handprints as the focal point.

This project not only fosters creativity but also opens up conversations about the importance of environmental stewardship.

Kids handprint art for Earth Day is a fantastic method to engage kids in discussions about recycling, conservation, and how we can all contribute to a healthier planet.

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It’s an activity that combines art, education, and environmentalism into one enjoyable experience.

Whether you’re a teacher looking for a classroom activity, a parent seeking a fun home project, or an individual wanting to spread awareness, Earth Day handprint art is a versatile and impactful choice.

Don’t wait until April 22nd these can be created year round.

Handprint Earth Day craft

Creating handprint Earth Day art is not only a fun activity but also a perfect way to celebrate our planet. Fortunately, you likely have all the necessary materials at home for this eco-friendly project.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • For best results use cardstock but regular white paper will work too.
  • Choose eco-friendly, washable paints for easy cleanup and to ensure a safe, non-toxic experience for children.
  • Any size of paintbrush will do, but a medium-sized brush offers good coverage and control.
  • Keep these wipes handy for quick cleanups. This will help maintain a tidy workspace and prevent paint from spreading beyond your craft area.

The Earth Day handprint craft bundle is free for personal use and classroom use only. Scroll to the bottom of the post for the digital files. 

Setting up

  1. Cover your table with newspapers or a plastic sheet. This makes the handprint crafts cleanup much easier.
  2. Click the print button to access the templates provided below. These will occupy approximately six pages, offering a variety of Earth-themed designs to choose from.
  3. While regular printer paper is adequate, cardstock is highly recommended for its durability and quality finish. It adds a professional touch to your creative craft, ensuring your handprint art lasts longer and looks more vibrant.
  4. Dip your child’s hand in the washable paint, ensuring an even coat. Press the painted hand onto the cardstock to create the Earth pattern or any design you prefer.
  5. Once the handprint is dry, feel free to embellish it with additional details using paint or markers. This could include drawing continents, animals, or environmental messages to enhance the Earth Day theme.

Let’s keep our planet evergreen handprint art

Guess what the first Earth Day Handprint art is? It’s a kiddo planting a tree, and it comes with a cool slogan: “Root for a greener scene, let’s keep our planet evergreen.”

earth day handprint craft template

Let the little ones pick their favorite green paint, it’s their call! We went for a leaf green, but you can totally go wild with any colors you love.

Grab a small paintbrush and give their hands a light coating of paint. Oh, and don’t forget those wipes, they’ll come in handy!

Once their hands are covered in paint, put them top of the branches. Press from the top down to make sure the handprint show up nicely. And that’s it!

Pull the child’s hand up carefully making sure you don’t smudge them.

earth day tree handprint art

Planet Earth hands

The next Earth Day handprint art will look like this:

planet handprint art

Prepare the supplies listed earlier and let’s start creating!

Let the kiddos pick the color for their handprints. We went with green and blue paint, the colors of the Earth.

Take a small paintbrush and put a thin layer of paint on their hands. Make sure you have wipes nearby!

Cover their hand with paint and press it at the center of the Earth. Push down along their hands to make sure the handprint shows up all the way.

Carefully lift the child’s hand, so you don’t mess up the handprint.

free earth handprint art

Happy Earth Day

I love this blooming flower template art, and it will look like this:

flower handprint art

Let the kids pick the color for their handprints. We went with pink paint this time.

Take a little paintbrush and put a thin layer of paint on their hand. And, don’t forget to have the wipes nearby!

Put paint on their hand and place it on the petals of the flower. Press down everywhere on their hand to make sure the handprint shows up all the way.

Lift the child’s hand gently, being careful not to smudge the handprint.

free flower earth day art

Heart-shaped Earth

Here comes the next Earth Day handprint art, a handprint on an Earth shape, shaped like a heart! Because, you know, we’ve got to show some love to our planet.

happy earth day handprint art

Let the kids choose the color for their handprints. We went with red paint this time.

Take a little paintbrush and add a thin layer of paint to their hand. And don’t forget the wipes—they’ll help clean up!

Put paint on their hand and position it at the bottom of the Earth, facing sideways. It should seem like the hand is holding the Earth. Press down everywhere on their hand to make sure the handprint shows up completely.

Pull the child’s hand up carefully making sure you don’t smudge the handprint.

earth day heart handprint art

Happy Earth Day

Another Earth Day handprint art looks like this:

world handprint art

Get the things we talked about earlier, and let’s make something cool!

Let the kids choose the color for their handprints. We picked blue and green, like the colors of the Earth.

Grab a small paintbrush and put a little paint on their hands. And, make sure you’ve got wipes ready!

Cover their hand with paint and press it into the Earth. Push down everywhere on their hand to make sure the handprint shows up fully.

Lift the child’s hand carefully so you don’t smudge the handprint.

free world handprint art

Plant a tree

The last template has a message on top saying “Dig a hole, plant a tree, Earth Day joy for you and me!”. It looks like this:

earth day handprint template

Let the little ones choose their colors but we choose the natural green.

Take a small paintbrush and cover their hands with a bit of paint. Oh, and remember those wipes, they’re helpful!

After their hands are painted, put them on top of the branches. Press from the top down to make sure the handprint shows up well. And that’s all!

Lift the child’s hand carefully, so you don’t mess up the prints.

earth day tree handprint art

Educational benefits of handprint art

Handprint art extends beyond the joy of engaging in tactile play; it serves as a valuable educational tool. Below are six enriching aspects children can gain from participating in handprint art activities:

  1. Handprint art allows children to express their individuality. Each handprint becomes a unique representation of the child’s creativity and style.
  2. This form of art provides an opportunity for children to explore color theory. They learn about color mixing, matching, and application, enhancing their understanding and appreciation of a vibrant palette.
  3. Engaging in handprint art teaches children the value of patience and the importance of process. As they apply paint and create their designs, they observe their artwork gradually taking form, which is both educational and rewarding.
  4. A handprint is more than just a piece of art; it acts as a tangible memory of childhood. These creations serve as milestones, capturing moments in time and growth.
  5. Handprint art, particularly projects themed around Earth Day, encourages environmental consciousness. Through art, children convey their appreciation for the planet, fostering a sense of responsibility toward preserving its beauty and resources.
  6. Crucially, handprint art activities facilitate the development of fine motor skills. Manipulating brushes, opening paint containers, and precisely placing their hands to create art requires the use of small muscle movements in the hands and fingers. These activities strengthen hand-eye coordination, dexterity, and precision, which are essential for writing, typing, and other daily tasks.

This multifaceted approach to learning not only enriches children’s artistic skills but also promotes cognitive development and environmental stewardship.

handprint art bundle


Additional fun Earth Day activities

Check out additional free printables with an Earth Day theme:

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Earth Day books for kids

Explore our top 5 favorite Earth Day books for kids who enjoy reading:

Thank You, Earth: A Love Letter to Our Planet: A Springtime Book For Kids
  • Sayre, April Pulley (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 40 Pages – 02/16/2021 (Publication Date) – Greenwillow Books (Publisher)
Happy Earth Day! (Little Golden Book)
  • Hardcover Book
  • Hopkinson, Deborah (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 24 Pages – 02/14/2023 (Publication Date) – Golden Books (Publisher)
Biscuit’s Earth Day Celebration: A Springtime Book For Kids
  • Capucilli, Alyssa Satin (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 24 Pages – 02/09/2010 (Publication Date) – HarperFestival (Publisher)
Earth Day Every Day (Cloverleaf Books ™ ― Planet Protectors)
  • Bullard, Lisa (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 24 Pages – 08/01/2011 (Publication Date) – Millbrook Press ™ (Publisher)
This Class Can Save the Planet
  • Tornio, Stacy (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 36 Pages – 03/17/2021 (Publication Date) – Be a Good Human Co (Publisher)

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Download the free handprint Earth Day art

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