19 Best Coding Websites for Kids: Free & Paid

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If you are looking for the best coding websites for kids you are in the right place.

Education is not just about the academic curriculum anymore.

There are so many changes happening in our world now that it’s essential for me to provide my kids with an education that will prepare them well for adulthood.

Whether they go to college or get a profession right out of high school doesn’t matter. What matters most are skills like programming and coding!

Please keep reading for the top 19 best coding for kids websites that we recommend.

Three of these are completely FREE.

Homeschool programming - 19 of the best resources for kids coding

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Coding should be a core subject, and it has been added to our homeschool curriculum. Carry on reading for the best homeschooling resources to help you teach coding.

What is the difference between programming and coding?

I wanted to make the distinction early on in this post, as I will talk about programming and coding as if they were the same thing.

They are to me! If I am honest, even though I have used good old Google I am none the wiser.

But this is the definition of coding vs programming

Coding is a part of programming that deals with converting the language into binary commands for the machine. Programming is the process of creating a program that follows certain standards and performing a certain task.

homeschool programming and the best coding websites for kids

Additional coding resources

Coding is so much fun and can be enjoyed by children as young as 5 years old. These additional resources are perfect to add to the coding websites for kids listed below.

Best Coding Websites for Kids

I have included our favorite coding websites for kids of all ages to learn coding at home.

These homeschool coding classes are perfect for all kids, but especially for homeschoolers.

The first are paid coding websites and there are free coding websites for kids detailed at the end of this list.

Coding Kits

These are the best useful coding kits we have used, some are one off purchases and others are monthly subscriptions.

Coding Books for Kids

Tthese coding books for kids should be used as a supplement, as you will only really learn to program if you are doing it.

Free Coding Websites for Kids

Luckily getting into coding at home is easier than you may think, and certainly cheaper!

In fact, you can start now for FREE.

These are our favorite free coding websites for kids:

What are your favorite coding websites for kids? Please let me know in the comments below.

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