Have Fun With Free Typing Games for Kids from Kidztype

I have been able to touch type for a couple of years now, probably since my years at university. My son has always wondered how I do it, and I have until now struggled with how to show him. Kidztype is the answer with their free typing games for kids.

Touch typing is so important these days. Almost all professions are required to use a computer on a daily basis.

Kidztype is a fun way for kids to learn how to type by playing games.

Dance mat typing from Kidztype is completely free to use. With no registration required.

Kidztype is brilliant and my son loves playing on the laptop. I am not a huge fan of screen time, and never during the homeschool day. So when I tell my son he can play learn how to type games as his homeschool curriculum he is thrilled.

Carry on reading for even more information on why Kidztype is one of the best homeschooling resources for typing.

Learn how to type the fun way with free typing games for kids with Kidztype

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What is Kidztype?

The home screen to Kidztype is called dance mat typing.

What I absolutely love about this is it shows you what fingers you should be using on the keyboard.

For beginners learning how to touch type, this is so helpful. There are 4 levels and 12 stages so even good for the more advanced touch type.

Dance Mat Typing Kidztype

Kidztype games for kids

There are over 15 different games to play on KidzType, each with different levels.

I have to say I have tried these games and they are great fun. What initially struck me was there was a zombie typing game, a vampire game, and a car game. Absolutely perfect for my very boisterous 8-year-old son.

The levels are really good in these free learn to type games for kids. Even I have played at the advanced level and I made a few mistakes!

Free Typing Games for Kids - Kidztype

My son started at the easiest level and found it hard work, but he loved it. It is such a great way to learn where all the keys on the keyboard are.

TOP TIP: The games listed at the beginning are much easier, so don’t jump into the zombie game (like we did!!) start at the beginning.

Free Typing Games for Kids - Kidztype Ninja

The way the above game works is you have to type in the word before they kill the ninja.

Free typing lessons

The free typing games were really fun. But these free typing lessons are very helpful for beginners. As you can see they only focus on 3 characters.

It is very repetitive which is great for learning.

Free Typing Lessons with Kidztype

Typing test for kids

TypeDojo is the sister company of KidzType.

Within this free typing course, you can take a 1 – 5-minute typing test where you will achieve a certificate.

Now I think I am fairly quick at typing, but like so many of us these days I clearly rely on autocorrect in my work! As my accuracy of 91% isn’t great, I was fairly pleased with the 56 words per minute. But, it has definitely shown me that I need to practice this!

Check out our favorite homeschool spelling curriculum to help with this area.

This is so good for kids, I think my son, who is still 8, would struggle at this level. But after practicing with the free typing games in a couple of years he will be amazing at touch typing.

Free typing test and certificate from Type Dojo

KidzType review

We love Kidzytpe, and not only for the kids. I have found myself playing with this to improve my speed and accuracy in touch typing. My son has really enjoyed playing the free touch typing games.

The only negative for these free typing games for kids would be the number of adverts on the site. But as this is completely free this isn’t a concern.

I have already recommended this to lots of homeschool parents.

Make sure you bookmark Kidztype here you won’t regret it.

If you are looking for a homeschool typing curriculum I highly recommend Typesy.

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Learn how to touch type with Kidztype

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