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So, diving straight into this ABCmouse review. I have got to say, I only stumbled upon it after chatting with another homeschool mom who was all praises about how it’s been a game-changer for her kindergartener. That conversation piqued my interest, and here we are, dissecting what ABCmouse has to offer.

Wishing I’d discovered it earlier, I couldn’t help but think about the missed opportunity for my own little one.

This mom, who’s been integrating ABCmouse into her daughter’s learning for a good few months, swears by it. Naturally, it made me curious to see what the buzz was about.

And guess what? ABCmouse really does live up to the hype, especially if you’re on the lookout for something to complement your preschooler’s homeschool curriculum. It’s hands down one of the top-notch resources for this age group.

ABCmouse is a great addition to your preschool homeschool curriculum and is one of the best homeschooling resources for this age group.

abcmouse review

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What is ABCmouse?

ABCmouse steps onto the scene as a digital learning hub crafted especially for the young crowd, ages 2 to 8. It rolls out a wide-ranging curriculum that dips into key areas like reading, math, science, art, and music.

This platform shines by turning learning into a game-like adventure, filled with interactive activities that grab kids’ attention, making education not just effective but super fun.

Designed with budding learners in mind, ABCmouse focuses on building those essential early skills in a way that’s both organized and engaging.

It’s a popular choice for boosting learning at home or in the classroom, acting as a valuable tool to complement the traditional educational path for little ones.

Why ABCmouse should be your kid’s first app

12 reasons why you will want to download ABCmouse on your kid’s electronics.

  1. You can set up time limits so they can only play on the app for however long you set it for each day
  2. I love that it is linked to the core curriculum (see more detail below)
  3. You can add up to 3 users to each account (if you have multiple kids you know how valuable this is!)
  4. If the level is too easy, or too hard for that matter you can easily go in and change it. (It shows you what is covered at each stage)
  5. There are assessments for each level you can do with your children in the parent section
  6. The thousands of books in the library are fantastic, including Disney and Pixar books.
  7. Over 870 lessons to complete in every subject, not just math and English!
  8. It is 100% safe for kids and its services are backed by a child-safe guarantee, which means NO ADS
  9. 30 day free trial so you can try it before you subscribe
  10. They even have printables you can do at any time when you don’t want the kids on the iPad anymore!
  11. The kids get certificates when they complete a level.
  12. Available in both English and Spanish. My son used to watch TV shows in foreign languages when he was younger and actually preferred them to English. I am certain that is why he is now so great at picking up languages.

Don’t just take my word for it, check it out for yourself now with a 30 day free trial.

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How to use ABCmouse for homeschool?

This is not just aimed at homeschoolers of course, and in fact, my son was still in public school until he was 8. I know that he would have come on leaps and bounds with this “game”.

The reason I am so confident is that we have recently started with Adventure Academy which is for 8-14 year olds and he loves it. He likes it so much, that when he has free time he chooses to “play” it.

ABC Mouse Homeschool Review

Above is a picture of the main home page, as you can see there is so much to do! Not only are the titles at the top clickable so are all of the pictures.

Your child can’t read yet? No problem, when you hover over anything it tells you what it is.

Whether you plan to homeschool or not, as you can see below ABCmouse supports the common core curriculum.

This would be perfect to add to your homeschool portfolio if you decide to use it. But more than that your child will get a certificate for every lesson completed which could also be included.

ABC Mouse is linked to the core curriculum for each grade

So not only have you got lessons and fun activities in every subject, your children can do them in a fun way.

  • There is an amazing library
  • They can choose to have books read to them
  • The music videos are super cute and engaging
  • Games are both fun and educational
  • Puzzles come in different levels from 1 being easy to 10 being much much harder
  • It includes art activities
  • There are songs and chants, including how to learn the alphabet
ABC Mouse Kindergarten

The lessons are lots of fun too, and there are lessons on pretty much anything you can imagine.

When they complete a question they will get rewards which they can spend on updating their avatar or pets etc.

ABC Mouse Lessons

I absolutely love ABCMouse, but you don’t need to take my word for it. They get a huge 4.5* from 592k customer reviews on the app store!

For the cost of a Starbucks each month I think this is the best online learning platform for kids aged 2-8.

You are not just paying for the amazing content either, you are paying for NO ADS and a completely safe environment for your kids to learn in.

If you have older kids though as I do, they also have Adventure Academy which we are so grateful we have found. Check out our detailed Adventure Academy review.

How much does ABCmouse cost?

One standout feature is the opportunity to explore ABCmouse with a 30-day free trial! After the trial, the subscription is priced at $12.99 per month, which you can cancel anytime. For those looking to save, opting for an annual subscription is significantly more cost-effective.

The annual subscription is available at just $45, renewable at the same rate each year until you decide to cancel.

Additionally, an ABCmouse subscription makes for a thoughtful gift. If you’re ever in a bind trying to find the perfect present, consider gifting an annual subscription. It’s a unique and enriching choice that keeps on giving throughout the year.

How to cancel ABCmouse?

To cancel all you need to do is go into the parent section. When you have finished with ABCmouse I highly recommend you go straight into Adventure Academy which we are currently using.

1 full year for $45 ($45 per year until canceled)

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