Ultimate List of the BEST Secular Homeschool Curriculum

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I know finding a secular homeschool curriculum can be hard.

I have put together our favorite non religious homeschool curriculum, for all subjects. I’ve also included history and science, the harder secular subjects to find in the homeschool community.

This page is regularly updated as secular homeschool has become more and more popular.

ultimate list of secular homeschool resources

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The Best Non Religious Homeschool Curriculum

These 8 are our absolute favorite secular homeschool curriculum. To find more keep scrolling down.

Check out the best homeschool curriculum for high school grades where we have added our favorites across 13 high school subjects.

Secular Homeschool History Curriculum

I’m starting the list with the homeschool history curriculum, not because it is the most important subject. But because it is one of the hardest to find secular resources for!

Secular homeschool curriculum for grades K-12

Secular Science Homeschool Curriculum

I was not particularly surprised about history, but it is also super hard to find a secular science curriculum. Here is a list of all the ones we have found.

For even more ideas check out my huge list of homeschool science curriculum post, these are all secular.

Secular Math Curriculum

I will only add a few here, as most homeschool math curriculums are secular, not all, but most. But these are our absolute favorites, and we have either reviewed them or are currently using them.

Secular Language Arts Curriculum

Secular Art & Music Curriculum

Foreign Language Curriculum

Check out 19 of the best homeschool foreign language resources.

Secular Geography Curriculum

We have not actually found a secular geography curriculum but, we absolutely love to have fun with geography.

We play geography board games and we read a lot of geography books for kids.

When we study the geography of America we use our free United States coloring pages and see how to remember the States the fun way.

Free Secular Homeschooling Curriculum

Over 100 free homeschool curriculum for even more secular resources.

Why Secular Homeschooling?

why do homeschoolers want a secular curriculum?

As we are not religious, finding a secular homeschooling curriculum was absolutely vital. But other reasons people are looking for a secular curriculum are for the following:

  • Not religious
  • The kids may return to public school or plan to go to University (not that you can’t if you follow a religious curriculum)
  • Focus on academics, a number of the Christian curriculums are outdated, and all focus on the Biblical perspective
  • Believe in the Big Bang, and not that the World was created by God
  • Are religious but are not Christian, so don’t want to have conflicting views in their homeschool curriculum

I hope you have found this useful, please let me know in the comments if you use any other secular homeschooling curriculum so I can add it.

Secular homeschool curriculum
ultimate list of secular homeschool resources

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  1. Looking at Beautiful Feet Books for history and it appears to be Christian-based and Eurocentric, not secular at all.

  2. Curious if you e looked into Layers of Learning for any of these. I feel it’s pretty secular. Just an idea it might be one to add πŸ™‚

  3. Thank you for sharing this! It is so hard to find real science and history. I want my kids to understand world history and both Lifepac and Christian light are so religiously driven I feel like I am just teaching them from a Bible. I don’t mind giving my kids good christian morals but there is more to life and history than what is in the bible. I think I drew the line on their ideas of ‘science’ when they called it a ‘food tube’. Seriously? And this is geared for 3rd grade? How good is an education when you can’t even use correct terminology that is age appropriate? Anyways, thank you a ton! I will be using this for our 4th grade.

  4. I came here to find ideas for secular science ideas for next year. I just wanted to mention another reason for looking for secular options is that someone may be a part of a charter homeschool (that’s our main reason, though we aren’t religious either).

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