51 Best Secular Homeschool Curriculum (For All Subjects)

Finding the best secular homeschool curriculum can be tough. But I’ve made it easier by putting together a list of top non-religious homeschooling options that cover all subjects.

These homeschooling resources ensure a well-rounded education without any religious influence, suitable for kids of all ages, from those just starting their educational journey to high schoolers.

Feel confident knowing these materials offer a comprehensive secular education. Whether you’re new to homeschooling or a seasoned pro, you’ll find something to fit your needs.

This page has been updated for the 2024/2025 school year.

51 best secular homeschool curriculum resources displayed on a notepad with stationary and colorful markers, for all subjects and ages

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I’ve been homeschooling my son without focusing on religion since 2018. And I know how hard it can be to find good secular resources.

I am going to share with you all of the secular curriculum we have used through the years, from elementary through to high school.

Not only have we used every one of these secular resources, but a number of them we have also written homeschool curriculum reviews on.

What is a secular curriculum?

A secular school curriculum is an educational program or set of learning materials that is free from religious influence or content.

It is designed to provide a neutral and non-religious approach to education, making it suitable for families with diverse beliefs and worldviews.

Secular curricula focus on academic subjects without incorporating religious teachings or doctrines.

This allows homeschooling parents and educators to provide an education that respects the separation of religion from the learning process, catering to a wide range of cultural, religious, and philosophical backgrounds.

Rise of secular homeschooling

As a mom who has been homeschooling without religious content for over six years, I’ve noticed more and more families choosing this path.

According to a 2023 report from the National Home Education Research Institute, there’s been a 20% jump in families going for secular homeschool curriculums in the last five years.

Many parents, including myself, prefer an education system that focuses just on academic skills and personal growth, without mixing in religious teachings.

Also, a lot of us aren’t happy with public schools because they often don’t meet our kids’ individual needs. This has led many to choose secular homeschooling, which lets us adjust the learning to fit our children better.

Best nonreligious homeschool curriculum

These 8 options have truly become our go-to secular homeschooling resources, each offering something special.

  1. Real Science Odyssey offers a comprehensive science curriculum for students in grades K-10. Focusing on hands-on exploration and inquiry based secular homeschool learning.
  2. History Odyssey provides a history curriculum tailored for students in grades 6-12. Fostering a deeper understanding of historical events through engaging activities and research.
  3. Beautiful Feet Books promotes learning through literature across all ages, offering a curated selection of books to enhance education.
  4. Mr D Math offers a homeschool online curriculum for mathematics, economics, and American Sign Language (ASL) for students in grades K-12.
  5. Typesy is the best homeschool typing curriculum. Helping learners improve their typing skills efficiently and effectively.
  6. Outschool is an online school offering a wide range of classes and workshops for learners of all ages. Covering diverse subjects and skills taught by qualified instructors in a virtual classroom setting
  7. Moneytime offers a comprehensive financial literacy curriculum for students in 6th – 8th grade. Teaching essential money management skills in an age-appropriate manner.
  8. Adventure Academy provides a virtual learning platform for kids ages 8-13. With interactive lessons in various subjects to foster academic growth and critical thinking.
Beautiful Feet Books Grade 7-9

Secular history curriculum

I’m starting the list with the best homeschool history curriculum, not because it is the most important subject. But because it is one of the hardest to find secular resources for!

  • History Odyssey offers a comprehensive nonreligious history curriculum for students in grades 6-12. Fostering a deeper understanding of historical events through engaging activities and research. (Read our History Odyssey review here)
  • Beautiful Feet provides a literature based approach to teaching history across all ages, using carefully curated books to enhance historical education. (Check out our Beautiful Feet Books review on American History)
  • History Quest is a history secular homeschool curriculum, tailored for students in first grade – sixth grade. Providing age-appropriate materials and activities to explore historical topics.
  • Curiosity Chronicles offers a history secular curriculum through books and resources suitable for all ages. Promoting a well-rounded understanding of history.
  • Horrible Histories presents humorous and engaging history content through books and videos, making historical learning enjoyable for all ages.
  • US History with Blossom Root offers a secular homeschool history curriculum focused on American history for students in grades K-8. Utilizing hands-on activities and engaging materials.
  • The Everything You Need To Ace World History series provides comprehensive notebooks designed for sixth grade – eighth grade students. To master world history topics.
  • The Everything You Need To Ace US History is a textbook for students in 5th grade – 8th grade to excel in United States history.
  • Crash Course offers an entertaining and educational YouTube series on world history. Suitable for older students looking to deepen their historical knowledge.
  • Khan Academy provides a wide range of online history lessons suitable for learners of all ages. Offering accessible resources to enhance historical understanding.
  • Curiosity Stream offers a collection of history documentaries for learners of all ages. Providing an in-depth exploration of historical topics through visual media. (Check out our Curiosity Stream review for more details.)
  • Outschool offers a variety of live online history classes for students of all ages. Allowing learners to engage in interactive lessons with qualified instructors.
History Odyssey Review Middle Ages HIstory

Homeschool science curriculum

I was not particularly surprised about history, but it is also super hard to find the best homeschool science curriculum. Here is a list of all the ones we have found:

  • Real Science Odyssey offers a secular science curriculum for students in grades 1-8, emphasizing hands-on exploration and inquiry-based learning. (Read our Real Science Odyssey review for more information.)
  • BrainPOP provides animated educational content, including elementary science topics suitable for learners, enhancing scientific understanding through engaging visuals. (Read our BrainPOP review for more information.)
  • Everything You Need to Ace Science is a comprehensive notebook for middle school students (grades 5-8) to excel in science subjects. With quizzes after each lesson.
  • Mel Science offers hands-on science experiments through subscription boxes, providing engaging activities for learners of all ages. Check out our Mel Science review)
  • KiwiCo Tinker Crate offers STEM-focused monthly subscription boxes for learners of all ages. Promoting hands-on exploration and creativity in science and engineering.
  • Generation Genius provides science lessons specifically designed for students in grades K-5. Using interactive videos to make learning engaging and fun. (See our Generation Genius review to see why we love it.)
  • Crash Course offers an entertaining and educational YouTube series on various science topics. Suitable for older kids seeking deeper scientific knowledge.
  • Outschool offers live online science classes for students of all ages, providing interactive and diverse lessons led by qualified instructors.
  • Adventure Academy is an interactive online platform covering science, math, and English for kids aged 8-13. Making learning engaging through game-like activities.
  • Allschool offers a range of online science classes for learners of all ages, contributing to a comprehensive scientific education.
  • StemWerkz offers digital STEM resources with a gaming approach, catering to upper elementary-aged children and promoting hands-on learning.
  • Best science kits for homeschool offer a selection of hands-on experiments covering various scientific concepts, providing a practical approach to learning.
Best secular homeschool curriculum for K-12 graphic with illustrated school supplies and children's drawings on a squared paper backdrop

Homeschool math curriculum

I will only add a few here, as most of the best homeschool math curriculum resources are secular, not all, but most. But these are our absolute favorites:

  • Mr D Math offers a versatile curriculum. Not only in math but also in economics, American Sign Language (ASL), and more. Catering to students from kindergarten to 12th grade.
  • IXL provides an online math program suitable for learners of all ages. Offering comprehensive math practice and assessments, and currently offering 20% off.
  • Teaching Textbooks offers a user-friendly mathematics curriculum for various grade levels, including Algebra 1, utilizing interactive lessons and automated grading. (Read our Teaching Textbooks review for more details.)
  • Beast Academy offers challenging math, designed for gifted students who enjoy math and have a strong aptitude for it, with an emphasis on problem-solving.
  • Everything You Need To Ace Math Notebook is a comprehensive math resource that offers a condensed and organized compilation of key math concepts and topics suitable for middle school students. Helping them excel in math by providing essential information and practice problems in a single notebook.
  • Schoolio offers a comprehensive curriculum for kids in grades K-3. Including a strong math component, supporting early learning and foundational skills. (Read our Schoolio review for more details.)
  • Rounded Schoolhouse is a complete secular curriculum covering core subjects, including math, for students in third grade – eighth grade, providing a well-rounded education.
  • Smartick offers an adaptive math program suitable for learners of all ages. Delivering personalized math lessons and exercises tailored to individual progress. (Read our Smartick review for more details.)
  • CTC Math provides an online math curriculum for all ages. Offering clear video tutorials and interactive exercises to facilitate math learning.
mr d math geometry

Language arts curriculum

Nurturing effective communication and literary skills in homeschooling is made easier with these diverse resources.

From comprehensive writing programs to literature based approaches. This list offers a variety of secular language arts options suitable for learners of all ages.

  • Institute for Excellence in Writing offers a comprehensive language arts curriculum suitable for grades K-12. Focusing on writing skills and effective communication.
  • Learning Language Arts Through Literature provides a secular literature based homeschool approach to teaching language arts across all ages. Using literature to enhance language skills. (See why we love it as our secular homeschool literature curriculum.)
  • Everything You Need to Ace English Language Arts is a notebook for middle schoolers covering grammar, reading comprehension, writing, and more.
  • The Spectrum Language Arts workbooks are available for students from kindergarten to eighth grade. Providing a well-rounded approach to reading, writing, grammar, and vocabulary development throughout their elementary and middle school years.
  • Night Zookeeper provides an interactive online platform for creative writing, offering engaging activities and challenges to inspire young writers. Check out Night Zookeeper reviews for insights. (Read our Night Zookeeper review for more information.)
  • WriteShop offers a comprehensive writing curriculum for various grade levels, focusing on developing writing skills and creativity. (Check out our WriteShop review for more details.)
  • ABC Mouse provides an interactive learning platform for preschoolers, offering a comprehensive approach to language arts skills development. Check out ABCmouse review for more information.
  • The Michael Clay Thompson language arts curriculum covers grammar, vocabulary, writing, and literature for students in grades K-12. Fostering language skills and literary appreciation.
  • Brave Writer offers a holistic approach to teaching writing, focusing on creativity, self-expression, and individualized learning for learners of all ages.
  • Introducing Shakespeare? Explore various online courses, books, and games to make teaching Shakespeare fun and engaging for learners of all ages. Enhancing their appreciation for classic literature.

Check out our favorite best homeschool spelling curriculum resources too.

Secular homeschool art curriculum

Fostering creativity and musical appreciation is made easy through these homeschool programs:

Ultimate list of secular homeschool curriculum promotional graphic with doodles of educational tools and a central banner against a graph paper background.

Homeschool foreign language curriculum

If you’re looking to explore new languages, there are great resources available. From a variety of the best homeschool foreign language curriculum options to the best Japanese homeschool curriculum.

  • Lingopie is an excellent addition to secular homeschool foreign language learning because it transforms entertainment into education. By using TV shows and cartoons in the target language, Lingopie creates an engaging and immersive learning experience that keeps students motivated. With clickable links and flashcards to reinforce vocabulary, Lingopie makes language learning enjoyable, effective, and adaptable to various learning styles. (Read our Lingopie review for more details.)
  • Japanese from Zero guides learners through the basics of the Japanese language.
  • Spanish Workbook is a comprehensive Spanish practice book for sixth grade – twelth grade.
  • DuoLingo is a popular free language learning platform that offers interactive lessons and exercises. To help users learn and practice various languages in an engaging and accessible way.
japanese from zero workbooks

Homeschool geography curriculum

The best homeschool geography curriculum offers homeschoolers a comprehensive and engaging way to explore the world’s diverse landscapes, cultures, and geographical features.

Our geography learning involves engaging activities like playing the best geography board games and delving into a variety of best geography books for kids.

  • Let’s Go Geography offers homeschoolers a virtual world journey, exploring diverse countries, cultures, and geography through hands-on activities and captivating stories.
  • This US Geography secular homeschool curriculum from Beautiful Feet Books weaves narratives of Native Americans, explorers, and pioneers with geographic exploration. Fostering nature appreciation and landform understanding for fourth to sixth graders.
  • 180 days of social studies: Geography offers a daily geography practice for sixth graders.
  • Incorporate free printable geography worksheets along with these curriculums for a well rounded education of the world.

Check out the best social studies homeschool curriculum!

Free homeschooling curriculum

Access a wealth of secular home schooling resources with over 100 of the best free homeschool curriculum options. Providing a diverse and cost-effective approach to education.

Let me know in the comments if I have missed any of your favorite secular homeschool resources and I will make sure to add them.

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  1. My favorite language arts curriculum is never on any lists. Happy Cheetah is absolutely fantastic. Especially for struggling readers.

    1. Hello there! Thank you so much for sharing your recommendation. It’s always great to discover hidden gems that might not make it to the mainstream lists. Happy Cheetah sounds intriguing, especially for those who are struggling with reading. I’ll definitely look into it and perhaps include it in a future update of my list. It’s wonderful to have a diverse range of options to cater to different learning needs. Thanks for contributing to the discussion! ?

  2. Curious if you e looked into Layers of Learning for any of these. I feel it’s pretty secular. Just an idea it might be one to add 🙂

  3. Thank you for sharing this! It is so hard to find real science and history. I want my kids to understand world history and both Lifepac and Christian light are so religiously driven I feel like I am just teaching them from a Bible. I don’t mind giving my kids good christian morals but there is more to life and history than what is in the bible. I think I drew the line on their ideas of ‘science’ when they called it a ‘food tube’. Seriously? And this is geared for 3rd grade? How good is an education when you can’t even use correct terminology that is age appropriate? Anyways, thank you a ton! I will be using this for our 4th grade.

  4. I came here to find ideas for secular science ideas for next year. I just wanted to mention another reason for looking for secular options is that someone may be a part of a charter homeschool (that’s our main reason, though we aren’t religious either).

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