71+ Popular Homeschool Curriculum Reviews in 2023

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In this post, you will find our honest homeschool curriculum reviews of the products we have used in the past or currently use.

We have been homeschooling for over 5 years since my son turned 8 years old. We started in the public school system and it didn’t work for us. So for the last 5 years, we have successfully homeschooled

These homeschool curriculum reviews are in the following order:

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Over 65 homeschool curriculum reviews

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Table of Contents

Homeschool Program Reviews

Overwhelmed by the huge quantity of curriculum available and not sure where to start?

See what homeschool curriculum reviews we have written in the past. These are broken down into subjects so it is easy to navigate.

Math Homeschool Curriculum Reviews

Math is our favorite subject. We haven't had time to review Beast Academy yet, but we used this for grade 5.

History Curriculum Reviews

If you are looking for a homeschool history curriculum, see what we think of the history curriculums we have used.

Geography Curriculum Reviews

If you are looking for a homeschool geography curriculum, see what we think of the geography unit studies and activities we have used.

Language Arts Curriculum Reviews

Finding a great language art and writing curriculum, especially for my math-loving son, has been challenging.

See what curriculums we have used and loved.

Science Curriculum Reviews

Science is my least favorite subject to teach, I hate the mess and the preparation.

These homeschool science curriculums are all excellent in their own way.

All in One Homeschool Curriculum Reviews

These homeschool curriculum reviews are for all in one curriculum rather than just one subject.

Coding Curriculum Reviews

Coding is becoming the most important subject to teach! Check out all of the homeschool curriculums we have used,

Online lessons and tutoring reviews

We take a lot of online lessons in our homeschool. Check out the ones we have reviewed and loved,

Financial Literacy and Economics Curriculum Reviews

Learning financial literacy and economics is very important, check out our favorite resources.

Foreign Language Curriculum Reviews

Teaching a foreign language is almost impossible if you don't speak another one, therefore this will always have to be outsourced for us.

Typing Curriculum Reviews

Learning keyboarding skills is almost as important as handwriting these days, check out our favorite resources.

Music Curriculum Reviews

Adding music to our homeschool was arguably the best thing we did! Music In Our Homeschool is the best resource we have found, but we haven't had time to review it yet.

Other Homeschool Reviews

These other homeschool reviews don't really fall into another category.

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