10 Free Constitution Coloring Pages

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Learn all about the American government with our free Constitution coloring pages.

Constitution Day is September 17th in celebration of when the Constitution was signed on September 17th, 1787.

These free patritotic printables are great for celebrating Constitution Day, or when you are learning about the American government.


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Constitution Worksheets

There are 10 pages to download at the bottom of this page.

These free worksheets about the US Constitution are free to print but are for personal or classroom use only. Scroll to the bottom of the page to get the pdf file.

You will learn all about the Constitution, what came before it, who wrote it, and more. These worksheets are aimed at students in grades 2-5 but can be adapted for younger or older students.

I highly recommend adding What is the Constitution book to your studies.

the constiution coloring worksheets

Articles of Confederation

The Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union came into effect on March 1, 1781, and was the nation’s first constitution.

james madison coloring page

James Madison

March 16, 1751 – June 28, 1836

James Madison is known as the Father of the Constitution because of his pivotal role in the document’s drafting as well as its ratification.

Madison also drafted the first 10 amendments, known as the Bill of Rights. You can download our free Bill of Rights coloring pages to learn about them too.

constitution and founding father

The Constitution established the office of The President of the United States but of the 39 signers, only two were or would eventually serve as president.

George Washington, the first, was president at the time of the signing, while James Madison would go on to serve as the fourth president of the United States.

Only six men signed both the Declaration of Independence in 1776 and the Constitution 11 years later: George Clymer, Benjamin Franklin, Robert Morris, George Read, Roger Sherman, and James Wilson. Download our free Benjamin Franklin coloring pages.

the constitution coloring sheet

Written in 1787, ratified in 1788, and in operation since 1789, the United States Constitution is the world’s longest surviving written charter of government. See our free government worksheets.

The first three words of the Constitution read “We The People.” Meaning the government of the United States exists to serve its citizens.

The U.S. Federal Government is composed of three distinct branches. The Adventures of Chloe and Chris is a great read aloud when discussing the three branches of government.

Judicial Branch

The Judicial Branch interprets the meaning of laws, applies laws to individual cases, and decides if laws violate the Constitution.

It is comprised of the Supreme Court and other federal courts. The Supreme Court Building is located at One First Street, NE, in Washington, DC.

branches of government

Legislative Branch

The legislative branch is made up of the House and Senate, known collectively as the Congress. It is located in the U.S. Capitol building in Washington, DC.

Among other powers, the legislative branch makes all laws, declares war, regulates interstate and foreign commerce, and controls taxing and spending policies.

Executive Branch

The Executive Branch carries out and enforces laws. It is located in the White House, at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington D.C.

It includes the president, vice president, the Cabinet, executive departments, independent agencies, and other boards, commissions, and committees.

government unit study


Founding Fathers Unit Studies

The kids will love to learn all about the following Founding Fathers:


Benjamin Franklin Unit Study


john adams unit study

John Adams Unit Study


thomas jefferson nit study

Thomas Jefferson Unit Study


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Download the free Constitution of America Worksheets

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