47 Free Patriotic Printables & Activities for Kids

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Let your child’s patriotic spirit shine with our fun collection of free patriotic printables designed just for kids!

These holiday activities for kids are all related to patriotic holidays throughout the year.

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Martin Luther King Jr Day Printables

Get ready to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr Day, a significant day in our nation’s history.

Observed on the third Monday of January, this day honors the remarkable life and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

It’s more than just a holiday—it’s an opportunity to teach our students about civil rights, equality, and the power of standing up for justice.

Let’s embrace diversity, foster compassion, and empower our students to become change-makers who create a more inclusive society.

Together, let’s make Martin Luther King Jr Day an unforgettable experience in our classrooms.

martin luther king facts free printable

President’s Day Printables

This significant day, observed on the third Monday of February, gives us a chance to honor and explore the legacies of our nation’s leaders.

From Washington to Lincoln and beyond, Presidents Day is an opportunity to teach our students about the remarkable individuals who have shaped our country’s history.

Let’s inspire a sense of patriotism, civic responsibility, and leadership as we delve into the accomplishments and challenges of our esteemed presidents.

Together, let’s make Presidents Day an engaging and educational experience in our classrooms and home!

Presidents Matching Game
usa presidents bundle


President worksheets for kids

Dive into the fascinating world of American history with these fun and informative unit studies dedicated to individual Presidents.

abraham lincoln worksheets

Abraham Lincoln Unit Study


george washington

George Washington Unit Study


presidents research unit study

Presidents Research Project


Memorial Day Printables

As we approach this solemn day, let’s take a moment to remember and express gratitude for the brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to our country.

Memorial Day, observed on the last Monday in May, holds deep significance as we commemorate their dedication and selflessness.

Together, let’s teach our students about sacrifice, honor, and the enduring impact of our fallen heroes.

memorial day word search

Flag Day Printables

On June 14th, we have the opportunity to honor and appreciate the symbol that represents our nation—the flag.

It’s more than just a piece of cloth; the flag embodies our freedom, unity, and the sacrifices of those who have served our country.

Let’s engage our students in activities that foster a deep understanding and respect for the flag’s significance.

Together, let’s celebrate Flag Day and cultivate a sense of pride in our national symbol.

flag day coloring sheets

Independence Day Printables

On the 4th of July, we come together to commemorate the birth of our nation and the values of freedom and independence.

This historic day holds deep significance as we reflect on the principles that shape our democracy.

Let’s engage our students in activities that explore the history and meaning of Independence Day, fostering a sense of pride and civic responsibility.

Together, let’s celebrate freedom and unity on this special day.

independence day memory game

Founding Father’s Worksheets

Learn more about some of the most famous Founding Fathers in our free worksheets. Scroll up to the President worksheet section for even more.

founding fathers coloring worksheets

Columbus Day Printables

On the second Monday of October, we commemorate Christopher Columbus’s arrival in the Americas.

This day offers an opportunity to delve into the Age of Discovery, fostering critical thinking and discussions about the consequences of exploration and cultural exchanges.

Let’s engage our students in activities that promote a nuanced understanding of this complex historical event.

Together, let’s make Columbus Day an educational experience that encourages curiosity and empathy.

Christopher Columbus Day timeline

Veterans Day Printables

Every year on November 11th, we come together to express gratitude and pay tribute to the brave men and women who have selflessly served our country.

Veterans Day is a reminder of their sacrifices and a chance to teach our students about the values of courage, dedication, and citizenship.

Let’s engage in activities that foster understanding and appreciation for our veterans, ensuring their legacy is honored throughout the year.

remembrance day colouring book

Bill of Rights Day Printables

On December 15th, we commemorate the ratification of the Bill of Rights, which guarantees our fundamental freedoms.

This day holds immense importance as we educate our students about the rights and liberties protected by this historic document.

Let’s engage in activities that foster understanding and empower our students to be active defenders of their rights.

Together, let’s celebrate and cherish the freedoms bestowed upon us by the Bill of Rights.

bill of rights coloring pages

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    1. Hi, there are a number of ways. If you are looking at the free resources you can go to each page for example: https://www.homeschoolof1.com/presidents-day-writing-prompts/ and scroll to the bottom where you will see a blue box, for this printable example you will see inside the blue box:
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