Free All About My Dad Printable (Perfect for Father’s Day)

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With Father’s Day fast approaching, I wanted to share with you our new all about my dad printable.

This will make a really special touch and will definitely put a tear in dad’s eyes. This could also be added to our free printable Father’s Day cards to color for an extra special treat.

It will be so much fun seeing what the kids write to these simple questions. See how much they know about dad!

I have created two slightly different Father’s Day printables with similar questions so just choose your favorite and print it out.

You can either add a photo of your dad or for even more fun ask the kids to draw a picture of their dad!

all about my dad free printable

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All About My Daddy

There are two slightly different versions for you to choose from.

Blue copy (the black version will also download)

  • This is my dad! A space to draw a picture of dad
  • My dad always says…..
  • His favorite sport is….
  • My favorite memory of dad is…..
  • He deserves an award for…..
  • He is the best at……
  • His favorite car is…..
all about my dad printable

Red version (the black version will also download)

  • This is my dad! A space to draw a picture of dad
  • His favorite color is…..
  • His favorite food is…..
  • Deserves an award for…..
  • His favorite sport is…..
  • His favorite TV show is…..

Depending on how creative your child is, they can always draw the answers rather than write them, that would certainly avoid misspelling!!

I can assure you my husband’s favorite food is not sea bath! I had to leave it in as it made us both laugh so much! He is now 12 and generally, his spelling is excellent, but this one was a keeper, it will now and forever be called sea bath in our house!!

all about my dad printable

As with all of our printables, they print better on card stock (this is the one we use) but they will also print out nicely on normal copy paper.

If you are looking for a really unique gift, I am loving this dad joke t-shirt I keep all my dad jokes in a dad-a-base!

Download All About My Father Free Printable

Make sure you choose the correct paper size and click on the shrink to fit button. All of our free printables work better when printed on cardstock (this is the one we use and love.)

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