Father’s Day Bookmarks Printable To Color (Free)

Looking for a simple yet touching way to celebrate Father’s Day? Our Father’s Day bookmarks printable is perfect for kids who want to give something special and handmade to their dads and grandads.

This set includes 6 bookmarks, split evenly with 3 designs for dad and 3 for grandad. Each design allows space for kids to draw a picture of their dad or grandad and write something sweet about them.

These bookmarks are more than just a gift; they’re a fun activity that lets kids express their love and appreciation.

One design lets kids draw their dad and write about what he’s best at.

Another design is all about celebrating Father’s Day, with stars to color, a trophy to decorate, and prompts to fill in, like dad’s favorite color and funny things he says.

These free Father’s Day printables will make a really cute gift.

Father's Day bookmarks printable, a creative and personal gift for children to complete and present to their dads and granddads.

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Free printable Father’s Day bookmarks

Make Father’s Day special with our free printable bookmarks to color!

We’ve got 6 designs that are all about celebrating Dad and Grandad. You can print them easily, and there are 3 bookmarks on each page.

These are perfect for a personal gift or for use in classrooms and libraries. Just scroll down to the end of this post to download the PDF file.

How to print the Father’s Day bookmarks

Here’s a detailed guide on how to turn the free bookmark into a great Father’s Day gift:

  1. Start by deciding whether you want to print your bookmarks on cardstock or regular copy paper. Cardstock is thicker and will make your bookmarks more durable, but regular paper is also fine and can be laminated for added strength.
  2. Once you’ve chosen your paper, print the bookmarks. Remember, each page contains three bookmarks, designed to be easy to color and personalize.
  3. After printing, it’s time to bring your bookmarks to life with color! Use pens, pencils, or crayons to color in the designs. Don’t forget to fill out the sections that ask questions about Dad or Grandad, making each bookmark truly personal.
fathers day printable bookmarks

If you have access to a laminator, laminating your bookmarks is a great way to protect them. To laminate, follow these steps:

  • Turn on your laminator and let it warm up according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Place your colored bookmark within a laminating pouch. Make sure to leave a small margin around the edges for the laminator to seal properly.
  • Once the laminator is ready, carefully feed the pouch with your bookmark into the machine. Guide it gently to ensure it goes in straight.
free father's day bookmark printables
  • Wait for the bookmark to emerge on the other side. The laminator will seal the pouch, encasing your bookmark in a protective plastic layer.
  • Let the laminated bookmark cool down for a minute before handling it.
laminating father's day bookmarks

After laminating, use scissors or a paper cutter to cut out the bookmarks. If you’re using scissors, take your time to follow the edges closely for a neat finish.

A paper cutter can give you straight, clean cuts more easily, especially if you’re making multiple bookmarks.

father's day bookmarks cutting

Following these steps, you’ll have created a durable, personalized gift that Dad or Grandad can use and cherish. These bookmarks are not just a practical item for keeping pages in a book; they’re a keepsake filled with love and special memories.

Treat Dad to one of our favorite cheap Father’s Day gifts too!

Father’s Day printable bookmarks

The Father’s Day bookmarks come with a variety of engaging and interactive elements designed to make each one a personalized and memorable gift. Here’s a detailed look at what is included on these special bookmarks:

Happy Father’s Day bookmark

  • Five stars are provided for kids to color in, allowing them to add a personal touch with their favorite colors.
  • A trophy image with the label “Dad” on it, ready to be colored, symbolizing that Dad is a champion in their eyes.
  • A section where kids can color in with Dad’s favorite color, making the bookmark even more personalized.
  • A blank space for kids to write down a memorable or funny saying that Dad often uses. This adds a unique and personal touch that Dad is sure to appreciate.

All about my Dad bookmark

  • A designated area for children to draw a portrait of their Dad, showcasing their artistic skills and how they see their Dad.
  • Below the drawing space, there’s a section for kids to write about why they think their Dad is the best. This could be anything from his sense of humor to how he takes care of them.

For Daddy bookmark

  • Identical to the All About My Dad bookmark, this version simply changes the wording to Daddy, catering to families who use this affectionate term. It includes the same drawing area and writing prompt.
father's day printable bookmarks

Grandad bookmark printables

Similar in concept to the Dad bookmarks, these are specifically designed to celebrate Grandad:

  1. Grandpa bookmark:
    • The Grandpa bookmark features stars and a badge for coloring in, offering a fun activity for kids.
    • A space is provided for kids to write a saying or phrase that their Grandpa is known for.
  2. All about Grandad bookmark:
    • A special area for kids to draw their Grandad, allowing them to express their creativity and love.
    • A prompt for kids to write what makes their Grandad the best to them, encouraging thoughtful reflection and expression..
  3. All about Grandpa bookmark:
    • A special area for kids to draw their Grandpa, allowing them to express their creativity and love.
    • A prompt for kids to write what makes their Grandpa the best to them, encouraging thoughtful reflection and expression.

Other free Father’s Day handmade gift ideas

Exploring other free Father’s Day handmade gift ideas is a wonderful way to extend the celebration and show Dad just how much he means. In addition to the personalized bookmarks, here are a few more thoughtful and creative options to make Dad feel extra special:

  1. Our free printable Father’s Day cards to color includes a variety of card designs that await personalization through coloring.
  2. These free printable Father’s Day coupons offer promises of special deeds for Dad, such as preparing a meal or washing the car, which he can redeem at his convenience. Simply download, customize with commitments, and present them to Dad for a series of pleasant surprises.
  3. Download our Father’s Day handprint art to create a personalized keepsake. This artwork, made with a child’s handprint, serves as a lasting memento that Dad can treasure and display.
  4. Our free Father’s Day coloring pages printable combines storytelling with art. Each page contributes to a narrative about Father’s Day, allowing children to craft a personalized storybook for Dad, filled with illustrations colored by their own hand.

Best Father’s Day books for kids

This Father’s Day, enjoy special moments with Dad through these heartwarming books that celebrate the unique bond between fathers and their kids. Each story offers a delightful glimpse into the joys of fatherhood and the special role dads play in our lives:

  1. The Night Before Father’s Day by Natasha Wing: A fun and sweet tale that captures the excitement of preparing a surprise for Dad. This book follows a family’s loving efforts to make Father’s Day special, showcasing the joy of family traditions and the anticipation of celebrating together.
  2. Just Me and My Dad by Mercer Mayer: Join Little Critter and his dad on a memorable camping trip full of adventures and bonding moments. This story celebrates the simple pleasures of spending time with Dad and the lasting memories created from shared experiences.
  3. I Love Dad with The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle: Through the vibrant and colorful world of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, this book expresses the many reasons why kids love their dads. It’s a beautiful story of appreciation and love, perfect for reading together and sharing those special moments.

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Download the free Father’s Day bookmark printable

Make sure you choose the correct paper size and click on the shrink to fit button. All of our free printables for kids work better when printed on cardstock (this is the one we use and love.)

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