Rounded Schoolhouse: Best All-In-One Homeschool Curriculum

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I love finding new homeschool resources and Rounded Schoolhouse the all-in-one homeschool curriculum does not disappoint. Carry on reading for our Rounded Schoolhouse review.

Finding the best homeschooling resources can be hard, especially when you are searching for an all in one solution.

The best All-In-One Homeschool Curriculum

**Disclosure: I was compensated for my time to write this post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. I only share resources that I would use with my own family and those that I believe other homeschool families will enjoy. There may be affiliate links in this post.**

I always know a homeschool curriculum is going to be amazing when they either offer a try before you buy or in this case offer a completely FREE Full-year (180 days) of education in ONE subject: Math, English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, or Social-Emotional Learning.

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All In One Homeschool Curriculum

Homeschool curriculums can definitely get overwhelming, which is why I love having an all-in-one homeschool curriculum.

Everything is all in one place, the kids get used to the same format, and us homeschool moms know that the core subjects are covered.

Rounded Schoolhouse is a new all-in-one homeschool system with core curriculum for grades 3-8 and live group classes for K-8. Core subjects cover Math, English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies & History, and Social-Emotional Learning.

All-In_one Homeschool with Rounded Schoolhouse

Rounded Schoolhouse is one of the best secular homeschool curriculum options.

Benefits of an All-In-One Homeschool

  • Homeschool moms (and dads) don’t need to teach the core subjects (especially if you use the live online homeschool classes). 
  • No lesson planning needed.  With Rounded Schoolhouse everything you need for a full school year is there.
  • The format for all subjects is the same.
  • It is normally a lot cheaper than buying 5 individual curriculums (with Rounded Schoolhouse it is significantly cheaper.)
  • It is easier for homeschool evaluations as everything is in one place.

Rounded Schoolhouse Review

I literally love everything about Rounded Schoolhouse, even down to the gif used when you first log onto grade 6 math! It is so easy to use, and it has definitely been designed with kids in mind.

Welcome to 6th grade math

When you click through to your courses, the subjects are broken down further into fall and spring semesters each with roughly 125 modules.

Within every module, there is a DETAILED video and then either up to 5 multiple choice questions, or a link to download a worksheet. When it is time to download the worksheet, print it off, and then upload the answers for marking.

My son definitely loves the variety of both online options and worksheets.

Rounded Schoolhouse extra credit worksheets

There are extra practice worksheets available too which can be printed out for each subject. However, each module (or class) is so detailed I would be surprised if the kids need it. But it is there just in case.

This is what is AMAZING about Rounded Schoolhouse, they have everything covered already.

Freddie absolutely LOVES Rounded Schoolhouse too (as much as he going to love homeschool, but you know what I mean!) Not only are the lessons in smaller chunks of work, but the videos are BRILLIANT.

The teacher is so engaging even though it is a prerecorded video, and I often hear Freddie talking back to him!! It does make me laugh to hear, but I KNOW this means he is taking it all in.

Rounded Schoolhouse Math 6th grade

What’s even better than all of what I have already said, is that their full package includes LIVE group classes.

Live Online Homeschool Classes

You have not left this too late, the live online classes from Rounded Schoolhouse start on January 17th, but you can join at any time after that.

The students are limited to only 5 classes per week. You’ll enroll in each class for the whole semester. If a class is not working for your student for any reason, just chat with the team and request to change it. This is at NO EXTRA CHARGE if you opt for the full package.

We use a number of Outschool classes (check out our favorites here) which are $20 for EACH CLASS. Now, if Freddie were to take 5 classes EACH WEEK for a month that would cost me over $400 a month just in online classes! Rounded Schoolhouse is only $49 per month, with a FULL ALL-IN-ONE CURRICULUM included!

If you have a child in grades K-2 they can join the live classes too! Rounded Schoolhouse has not yet developed the curriculum for these grades yet, but I am sure they will do soon.

Rounded Schoolhouse Live online classes

These are the live online homeschool classes they currently have to offer, however, they will be adding new classes soon. Freddie loves the look of the middle school hangout which they have 3 times a week and the Lego class. I particularly love the look of the Spanish class. But there is so much to choose from I am very impressed.

Do you already love your homeschool curriculum? No problem, Rounded Schoolhouse also offers you the choice to just join the live classes.

Free Math Worksheets

Are you looking for FREE math worksheets too? Well if so Rouned Schoolhouse has you covered here too!

They have over 700 Free Math Worksheets for Grades 3-8. Each of these worksheets is aimed to go along with the all-in-one curriculum they offer. But if you are not quite ready to join them yet, you can still use these for FREE.

Rounded Schoolhouse Pricing

The pricing is excellent, you can try it for free for 7 days (no need to give credit card details), or you can have one subject completely free!

The full program is the best of the best with live online classes and the curriculum for all 5 subjects. As shown earlier with the amount of FREE live classes this is such a reasonable price. But if you are not sure, I highly recommend trying the FREE class, but I guarantee you will be blown away with how good it is.

Rounded Schoolhouse Price All-In-One Homeschool

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