The Best Valentines Gifts for Teens in 2023

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Long are the days of getting hundreds of Valentine’s gifts for the classroom and the teachers. But now the kids are teens doesn’t mean us parents are off the hook! Check out our favorite Valentines gifts for teens to help.

This isn’t a huge list but I promise you will find something absolutely perfect for your teen this year. With gifts for boys, girls, and unisex gifts your teenager is going to love them.

If you have younger boys and are looking for gift ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts for boys there are lots of ideas for the boys at school too.

If you are looking for even more gift ideas for boys though check out over 100 gifts for tween boys that they actually want, and our ultimate gift ideas for 13 year old boy.

The best Valentines gifts for teens

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Valentines Gifts for Teens

Rastaclat Bracelets are absolutely fantastic for both boys and girls. We especially love the NBA collection, you’ll never guess what team we support!!

Miami Heat bracelet

What I love about you book is probably the best gift I have ever received from my husband. As you can see from the picture it is a book that I read a lot!! However, this would make a perfect gift for your teen too. But if you prefer they also have a book called what I love about being your mom which is equally as cute.

What I love about you book

Personalized Flower Cushions would make a gorgeous addition to your teens bedroom. These can either be personalized or just left plain.

flower cushions

Valentines T Shirt now despite having zero interest in Valentines Day of course my teen wants a gift! Any excuse! This t-shirt would make a great gift for any gamer!

valentines tee

Valentines Day Bath Bomb makes a perfect Valentines gift for teens, not only does it look good but it will help them relax after a hard day of school.

Valentine Bath Bomb

Valentines Tee For Teen Girls is absolutely hilarious! In fact so much so I might treat myself this year!! These come in every size imaginable and lots of different color choices.

valentines tee girls

Valentines Chocolate – smash open these 4 chocolate hearts this Valentine’s Day.

Valentines gifts for teens - smashable chocolate heart

Valentines Fidget Toys whoever invented these pop its is a genius! Freddie absolutely loves them and they make perfect small gifts for every holiday! Including of course Valentine’s Day! These heart stress balls are also super cute.

Valentines Day Activities

If you are looking for fun Valentines Day activities to do with the kids check out our recent posts.

Let me know what your favorite Valentine’s gifts for teens are in the comments below.

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