Free Endocrine System Labeling Worksheet For Kids

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Are you learning about the human body systems? If so you are going to love this free endocrine system labeling worksheet.

These free homeschool printables can also be used with our other free body systems worksheets.

The endocrine system diagram comes with a word bank and an answer sheet.

Learning about the body systems is generally done in middle school, however, these worksheets can be done with 5th grade, 6th grade, 7th grade, and 8th grade students.

endocrine system labeling worksheets

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Endocrine System Worksheet

These endocrine system worksheets are free to print but are for personal or classroom use only. Scroll to the bottom of the page to get the pdf file.

The endocrine system is made up of the following:

  • Pineal gland
  • Pituitary gland
  • Adrenal glands
  • Ovary
  • Hypothalamus
  • Thyroid gland
  • Thymus
  • Pancreas
  • Placenta
  • Testicle

The kids need to label the endocrine system with the help of the word bank.

What is the endocrine system?

The endocrine system is a group of glands in our body that produce hormones.

Hormones are like messengers that travel through our bloodstream and help control important bodily functions.

These functions include things like growth, metabolism, and reproduction.

So, basically, the endocrine system helps our body communicate and work properly, like a team of superheroes!

endocrine worksheets

Pineal gland

The pineal gland is a tiny gland in the brain that helps control your sleep and wake cycles, also known as circadian rhythms.

It produces a hormone called melatonin which makes you feel sleepy at night and helps regulate your body clock.


The hypothalamus is a small but very important part of our brain that links the endocrine and nervous systems together.

It is located at the base of the brain and controls many bodily functions such as hunger, thirst, body temperature, and sleep.

The hypothalamus receives signals from other parts of the brain and nervous system. And in turn, it sends out signals to control the release of hormones from the pituitary gland, which plays a vital role in regulating various bodily functions.

Pituitary gland

The pituitary gland is a small gland located at the base of your brain that produces hormones that control many other glands in your body.

The pituitary gland, one of the endocrine system glands, is often referred to as the master gland because it helps regulate growth, reproduction, and other important bodily functions by producing and releasing various hormones.

Thyroid gland

The thyroid gland is a butterfly-shaped gland located in the neck that produces hormones that control your metabolism.

These hormones help regulate how fast your body burns calories and uses energy, and they also affect your heart rate and body temperature.


The thymus is a gland located in the chest that produces hormones that help regulate the immune system.

It’s especially important in children because it helps develop and maintain the immune system.


The pancreas is a gland located behind your stomach that produces hormones like insulin and glucagon, which help regulate your blood sugar levels.

It also produces digestive enzymes that help break down food in your small intestine.

Adrenal glands

The adrenal glands are two small glands located on top of your kidneys that produce hormones that help your body respond to stress.

These hormones include adrenaline and cortisol, which increase your heart rate, blood pressure, and energy levels during times of stress.

Ovary (Females)

The ovary is a reproductive gland in females that produces eggs and hormones like estrogen and progesterone.

These hormones are important for the development of female reproductive organs, the menstrual cycle, and pregnancy.

It regulates things like hunger, thirst, body temperature, and the release of hormones.

Placenta (Females)

The placenta is an organ that develops in the uterus during pregnancy and provides nutrients and oxygen to the developing fetus.

It also produces hormones like estrogen and progesterone that are important for maintaining the pregnancy.

Testicle (Male)

The testicle is a reproductive gland in males that produces sperm and hormones like testosterone.

These hormones are important for the development of male reproductive organs, the production of sperm, and the development of secondary sex characteristics like facial hair and a deep voice.

Endocrine system labeling worksheet answers

On the endocrine system labeled, you will see the same picture of the endocrine system just with the correct words pointing to the correct area of the body.

There are two separate answer sheets one for male and one for female.

I highly recommend getting a model skeleton for the kids to learn more about the human body.

endocrine answer sheets

The kids will also enjoy our free body systems word search.

Books about the human body for children

We love to add books to all of our unit studies and human anatomy is no different, these are our favorites:

Know Yourself is a science education company that creates interactive and enjoyable books to teach children about the human body. By entering the code CLARE10, you can get a 10% discount on their fantastic anatomy books for kids.

They believe that learning about our bodies should be easy and fun for everyone. Check out the picture of my son enjoying one of their books!

Reading Know Yourself Books

Endocrinology for Kids is a colorful and fun picture book that explains the endocrine system and hormones to elementary school-aged children.

Human Body Learning Lab is a hands-on activity book that takes kids on a tour of their anatomy. Teaching them about the different systems in the human body in a fun and interactive way.

Discover the secrets of movement, breathing, and growth with Human Anatomy for Kids, a fantastic book that makes learning about the amazing human body both enjoyable and educational for your students.

Human Body! is an informative and beautifully illustrated book that covers everything you need to know about our amazing bodies. From our bones and muscles to our brain and senses!

Body Systems Worksheets

Grab all of our human body systems worksheets for a small fee.

There are 28 pages in this download including:

  1. Human body systems worksheet (6 pages)
  2. Skeletal system labeling (2 pages)
  3. Lymphatic system labeling (2 pages)
  4. Muscular system labeling (2 pages)
  5. Endocrine system labeling (4 pages)
  6. Nervous system labeling (2 pages)
  7. Circulatory system labeling (2 pages)
  8. Respiratory system labeling (2 pages)
  9. Digestive system labeling (2 pages)
  10. Body systems word search (2 pages)
  11. Body systems questions (2 pages)
human body systems bundle

Download the free endocrine system printable worksheet

Make sure you choose the correct paper size and click on the shrink to fit button. All of our free printables for kids work better when printed on cardstock (this is the one we use and love.)

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