30+ of the Best Free Science Worksheets For Elementary Grades

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These are the best free science worksheets we have found for elementary-aged students. All of these are completely free to download.

There is a mix of printable STEM activities, scientific word search puzzles, scientific method worksheets and so much more.

Making science come to life is what it is all about, and one thing is for sure, science should never be boring.

The free science worksheets are in the following order:

  • Body systems printables
  • Outer space printables
  • Free printable scientific method worksheets
  • Free life cycle and animal printables
  • Free Stem printables

You are going to love all of our homeschool printables we have over 200 free worksheets.

free science printables

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Recommended Science Resources

Before I share the completely free worksheets, I wanted to share with you a few resources that we use with them.

Know Yourself Anatomy books – use code CLARE10 for an exclusive 10% off.

Mel Science subscription box

KiwiCo science subscription boxes (use code BRIGHT for an exclusive 40% off your first box)

Real Science Odyssey full secular science curriculum for K-12.

Science encyclopedia

Free Science Worksheets

Use these free science worksheets when you are studying each subject, or if you are looking for a fun STEM activity.

Body Systems Printables

Download our free body systems printables, great for elementary aged children.

Outer Space Printables

These outer space printables include free worksheets on the moon and the planets.

Free Printable Scientific Method Worksheet

Download these free scientific method worksheets.

Free Life Cycle Printables

Have fun learning about different life cycles and learning about different animals.

Free Stem Printables

Download these free STEM printables and have fun at school/homeschool.

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