Human Body Organs Worksheet: Inside My Body

Have fun learning about what is inside your body with our fun human body organs worksheet.

This fun biology unit is aimed at students in 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade, 7th grade, and 8th grade. But of course, can be adapted for younger or older students.

There are 20 different body activity sheets to download, 10 in black and white, and 10 in color. So a total of 10 different activities.

Educational poster for an 'Internal Organs Worksheet' displaying a variety of human organs with corresponding descriptions of their functions. Below, images of the female and male body organ outlines alongside DNA strands made from red and blue beads, for a comprehensive biology lesson.

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How many organs are there in the human body?

Do you ever get asked by your students how many organ systems are in the human body? It’s a great question and one that can be a bit tricky to answer!

While there’s no exact number, most experts agree that there are around 78 internal organs in the human body. These organs are responsible for keeping us alive and healthy, and each one has a specific job to do.

Some of the most well-known organs include the heart, lungs, brain, stomach, liver, and kidneys, and are covered in our free printable science worksheets. However, there are many other organs that play important roles in our bodies, like the spleen, pancreas, and intestines.

It’s important to remember that the human body is incredibly complex, and there’s always more to learn.

What organs are covered in this worksheet?

In this inside my body worksheet, we’ll be exploring 13 of the most important organs in the human body:

  1. Thyroid
  2. Brain
  3. Lungs
  4. Heart
  5. Stomach
  6. Liver
  7. Spleen
  8. Intestines
  9. Pancreas
  10. Kidneys
  11. Bladder
  12. Female reproductive organs
  13. Male reproductive organs

These are no-preparation worksheets and include the answer sheets.

Supplies needed

You don’t need many supplies for these worksheets but you will need:

  • Paper
  • Coloring pens
  • Scissors
  • Glue

You don’t need to print off all of the pages as there are both color and black and white versions. If you want to print in color then you will only need to print pages: (1-4), (8-10), 14, (16-18), and 20.

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Internal organs worksheet

There are six pages to download with labeling activities. There are 3 for the female body and 3 for the male body. The only difference between the 2 is the female or male reproductive organs.

Interactive learning aids showcasing female human anatomy with organ illustrations and a blank body outline for organ placement, complemented by red bead patterns illustrating DNA.

You can choose to either print them in color or in black and white.

The first body organs worksheet is the easiest. It shows a skeleton of the human body with the organs and on the right-hand side has the drawing of each organ and its name. The kids need to draw an arrow to the correct organ in the body.

The second worksheet is slightly harder. It includes the pictures of the body organs, but they are not named. The children have to draw an arrow to where they belong on the body.

The final worksheet requires the kids to cut and stick organs of the body in the correct place.

Educational materials depicting male human anatomy with labeled organ cut-outs and matching outlines on a body silhouette, alongside bead patterns representing DNA, intended for an interactive learning experience.

Match the human body organs

Match the name of the body organ, with the correct description, and the image of the organ.

Don’t worry though, the answer sheet is included for this worksheet.

An educational worksheet featuring a diagram with red and blue beads forming a DNA double helix on the left, with a table on the right to match human organ illustrations with their descriptions, accompanied by a blue marker.

Human body organs interactive game

The next 3 worksheets can be used how you wish, but we have created a body organ game out of them.

Cut each of them out and shuffle them up and place them face down between 2 players. Then play “snap”.Match the description either to the picture of the body organ, or the word. The winner is the player with the most cards at the end of the game.

Books about the human body for kids

Learn more about the body with our favorite human body books for kids.

The Human Body: Anatomy Facts and Activity Book. This book is a fantastic introduction to the human body for young kids. It’s full of fun activities like mazes, coloring pages, and dot-to-dots, as well as simple experiments that help kids understand how the body works. The diagrams and illustrations are clear and easy to understand, and the book covers a wide range of topics, from bones and muscles to organs and the nervous system.

My First Human Body Book. This is a great choice for very young children who are just starting to learn about the human body. The book is filled with colorful illustrations and simple explanations of basic body parts and functions. The book is perfect for parents and teachers who want to introduce their kids to the human body in a fun and engaging way.

Weird But True Human Body. Kids who are fascinated by the weirder aspects of the human body will love this book. It is filled with strange and interesting facts about the body, from the longest fingernails ever recorded to the science behind hickeys. The book is packed with colorful illustrations and photographs that help bring the facts to life, making it a great choice for kids who love to learn new and unusual things.

The Everything KIDS’ Human Body Book. This book is a comprehensive guide to the human body that covers all of the major systems, from the respiratory system to the reproductive system. It is packed with colorful illustrations and diagrams that make complex concepts easy to understand. The book is also full of fun activities and experiments that help kids learn about the body in a hands-on way.

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Additional human body worksheets

You will also enjoy these other worksheets:

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