How to Have a Magical North Pole Breakfast

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North Pole Breakfast time is soon to be upon us.

Our North Pole Breakfast consists of a mix of healthy, savory, and cookies and it is the best meal of the year.

The North Pole Breakfast has become a festive kickoff to our beloved Elf on the Shelf adventures. Making the holiday magic even more special.

We have been doing Elf on the Shelf activities for about 10 years now. I instantly loved the idea (I am a bit mad about Christmas!). My son was just 3 when we started the tradition. And not only was it a hit for me he absolutely loved it.

north pole breakfast ideas

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North Pole Breakfast Accessories to Make It Super Special

We set up the dining room table with new Christmas jumpers.

All of our Christmas teddies and lots and lots of food!! These are some of our favorite Etsy finds:

North Pole Breakfast Table

What food to have at a North Pole Breakfast

With the arrival of the North Pole breakfast is the first day the Elf on the Shelf arrives.

To explain this to the kids we always leave an Elf on the Shelf arrival letter on the table.

These are our favorite North Pole breakfast ideas:

Christmas Tree Cookies

I normally spend hours baking the night before the North Pole Breakfast. And these Christmas trees and snowmen cookies look great.

North Pole Breakfast Christmas Cookies

Snowmen Marshmallows

These snowmen marshmallows are easy to make and look amazing.

All you need is marshmallows, and some small cocktail sticks to stick 2 marshmallows together. A giant chocolate button for their hat and some strawberry laces for the scarves.

North Pole Breakfast - Marshmallow Snowmen

I buy the pre-made color icing and use this to decorate them further. Also, a sprinkling of icing sugar always looks good.

Gingerbread House

I normally cheat and buy a build your own gingerbread house as I generally do this the night before.

North Pole Breakfast Ginger Bread House

But of course, if you have more time, it would be better to make it from scratch, I have used this silicone baking tray in the past. I put finger lights around the boards and inside the house for an extra wow factor!

Elf on the Shelf sitting in fake snow with  a Christmas Scene

Snow Igloo

This is Daddy’s job! While I am frantically baking Stuart makes this snow igloo!

It is fairly easy to make, all you need is sugar cubes and water, but it is fairly time-consuming! Again we put a finger light inside for dramatic effect.

Sugar cube Igloo

Snowman Soup

A couple of days before the North Pole Breakfast I make both the snowman soup (hot chocolate, with marshmallows and a candy cane) and the chocolate Santa sleigh. These are so easy to make but can take time, so I never make these the night before. Download our free snowman soup printable bag topper for an easy option.

free snowman soup printable

Chocolate Santa Sleigh

The chocolate Santa sleigh is loads of fun to make.

North Pole Breakfast Table Decorations

I normally start with a kit-kat and then stick to candy canes to the bottom.

Then I add a small Lindt Santa to the front edge of the kit-kat. I then pile on all of his favorite chocolate bars (use mini ones though!)

They are easy to make (although use plenty of glue!) and look amazing.

North Pole Breakfast Candy Santa Sleigh

Healthy North Pole Breakfast

My son has always actually preferred fruit and savory food to sweets and chocolate.

Christmas Tree Savory Platters

We also created some really easy-to-make fruit and savory Christmas tree platters this year.

The star was an apple and the base of the tree was an apple.

The green of the tree was grapes cut in half, and the decoration was blueberries and raspberries!

Fruit Christmas Tree Food Platter with grapes, blueberries, raspberries, and apple

Banana & Strawberry Candy Canes

One of our favorites is these healthy candy canes.

All it is is chopped-up bananas and strawberries.

They look really good, and what’s even better is the kids love them!

Strawberry and Banana sleigh and christmas tree crumpet

Savoury North Pole Breakfast

Although the North Pole is all about the sweet snacks you can (and should) add in some savory items too. I mean who wants to only eat cookies for breakfast!!!

Christmas Tree Crumpets

I normally purchase the Christmas tree-shaped crumpets to go with our North Pole Breakfast.

Or if they are not available I will make toast and cut it into Christmas shapes.

Savory Food Platter

This North Pole Breakfast savory platter is so easy to create. All you need is some small tomatoes, cheese, and miniature sausages.

Cut the tomatoes in half, and start with them at the bottom of the platter. Add 2 layers of tomatoes and then move onto the mini sausages. Add another tomato level, then cheese, until you have created a triangle on the plate.

If you have a small star cutter you can create a cheese star for the top of the Christmas tree.

Savoury Christmas Tree Platter with sausages, cheese, and tomatoes

Let the North Pole Breakfast Party begin!

Have fun with your North Pole breakfast. This delightful tradition is a hit with the kids and marks the perfect beginning to the Christmas season. Plus, it signals the start of our Elf on the Shelf adventures, where our elf reports daily behavior updates to Santa.

Don’t miss out – explore some of our charming Elf on the Shelf antics!

North Pole Breakfast Party with 5 kids

Do you have a North Pole Breakfast? Let me know what you include in the comments below.

What is a North Pole Breakfast?

When the Elf on the Shelf arrives, they bring a rather extravagant breakfast with food from the North Pole. The food is generally sugary, but, we have created a healthy alternative. This is a lot of work, which you will get no credit for, but it is a great start for the magic of Christmas.

What food do you have at a North Pole Breakfast?

Gingerbread, snowman soup, Christmas tree crumpets, banana and strawberry candy canes, snowman marshmallows, and many Christmas cookies.

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  1. We always have a North Pole Breakfast. I’ve never made the Snowmen marshmallows, would make a nice change to the Santa hats and grape Santa’s we usually have. The elves also put up all our decorations and tree in the night before the NPB so I don’t have as much time to create the food. We do have a North Pole tea with the kid’s school friends so I may pinch some of these ideas for that.

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