4 Super Cute Free Elf on the Shelf Arrival Letters

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Are you doing the Elf on the Shelf this year? If so grab your free Elf on the Shelf arrival letter now.

This elf arrival letter is the perfect way to re-introduce the elf back into the home, and just create that extra bit of magic.

We have had the Elf on the Shelf visit now for about 7 years. They continue to come despite the fact my son finally realizes they aren’t real. (Yes and Santa, I was devastated). He was 10 at the time, so I knew I did well for that long. I think this is one of the perks of homeschooling!!

We had a long chat about the Elf on The Shelf and despite him knowing he is not real, he still wants the elves to visit.

So this year, we are going all out… I say this every year, we absolutely love CHRISTMAS!!

Every year he receives an Elf on the Shelf arrival letter, and this year won’t be any different!

Elf Arrival Letters perfect for when your elf on the shelf first comes to visit. 4 Free printables for you to download

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But even before the arrival of the Elf, we create an Elf Construction Site!

Elf Construction Site

A couple of weeks before the Elf on the Shelf arrives we create an elf construction site, where the Elf door arrives at the end of November. I have created some FREE printables for you if you want to create your own.

Elf Construction Site

If you are looking for even more Elf on the Shelf printables I highly recommend these too. This set is huge and includes; an Elf surveillance decor printable, Elf cam printable, December Elf planning calendar, Elf activity planner, and Elf jokes.

These printables be edited to make it even more personal: Editable Elf Report Card, Editable hello from the Elf letter (includes sample rhyming letter but you have the ability to fully type over and change!), goodbye from the Elf letter, Elf Adoption Certificate and Elf Notes.

Elf on the Shelf Arrival Letter

elf on the shelf arrival letter

So the day the Elf arrives, nearly always on December 1st, they bring an arrival letter. I have created four different templates that you can print out and use as you wish. You can add the child’s name to make it even more magical.

If you are looking for personalized elf on the shelf arrival letters Etsy has you covered with hundreds of options.

If you want to get the official Elf on The Shelf Letters it is super adorable and comes with a book and ideas on how to turn these wonderful memories into Christmas ornaments.

Depending on when we decide for the elves to come back they might leave the arrival letter on the table when they bring the North Pole Breakfast.

North Pole Breakfast

Every year we have a North Pole breakfast, we invite some of his friends over and we eat Christmassy food. Generally, we have this the first weekend of December.

North Pole Breakfast Table

Elf On The Shelf Ideas

Download the Elf on the Shelf Arrival Letters

Make sure you choose the correct paper size and then click on the shrink to fit button. With all of our printables, they work better when printed on cardstock (this is the one we use and love.)

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