Best Halloween Elf on the Shelf Ideas and Accessories

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Yes, I know the elf on the shelf doesn’t normally visit until December, but in our house, we have a Halloween Elf on the Shelf too!

We love Halloween activities for kids in our home and it is normally the first time the scout elves make their annual appearance!

We mummify the elf on the shelf and often have a switch witch that pays a visit too!

Honestly, I know I am mad, but the kids absolutely love it!

Halloween Elf on the Shelf ideas and accessories

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Halloween Elf on the Shelf ideas

The Halloween Elf on the Shelf comes and decorates our home the night before Halloween.

It, of course, wasn’t the Christmas elf, Twinkletoes, it was her cousin!

But the Halloween Elf, who still remains nameless. Would be wearing some sort of creepy Halloween costume and would leave little spooky gifts. Like lots of creepy spiders, or a Halloween book.

She would report back to Santa when they returned to the North Pole, straight after Halloween. Sort of like a pre-check up, before Twinkletoes, comes on December 1st.

If you have any questions about what is elf on the shelf, check out our detailed post.

Our Halloween Elf on the shelf doesn’t move other than decorating the house of course!

But if you are interested to see what our Christmas Elf gets up to, check out our favorite Elf on the Shelf antics.

Elf on the Shelf Halloween costumes

I try and mix things up each year with our Halloween elf, and I have come across these accessories.

Halloween Elf on the Shelf

She is always wearing something “scary” though.

My favorite was pictured above, where we mummified her. I found an old white tea towel ripped it up, and added some red food coloring! A nice free elf on the shelf costume.

These are our favorite Halloween Elf on the Shelf accessories:

Check out the best Elf on the Shelf accessories for December!

Switch witch ideas

The Switch Witch introduces a delightful twist to the usual trick-or-treating routine. Children can exchange their collected Halloween treats for unique surprises, fostering a sense of fun, generosity, and creativity.

Immerse yourself in the heartwarming tale of the Switch Witch through this captivating storybook. Join the adventure as children embark on a journey of Halloween magic, sharing treats and making cherished memories.

The Switch Witch tradition weaves a spellbinding twist into Halloween festivities, encouraging children to trade their candy for delightful surprises. Here are imaginative ideas to bring the enchantment of the Switch Witch to life:

Introduce Jack Skellington, the mischievous pumpkin king plush, or the Pumpkin Witch plush as charming emissaries of the Switch Witch. Leave them alongside treats for an unexpected and delightful exchange.

Read the Switch Witch book, igniting young minds with the tale of a whimsical witch who loves trading Halloween candy for magical surprises. Let the story fuel their anticipation and imagination.

Leave a trail of clues leading to the hidden treats or surprises left by the Switch Witch. Engage children in an exhilarating Halloween treasure hunt, adding an extra layer of excitement to the tradition.

Encourage creativity by having children craft a thank-you note or drawing for the Switch Witch. It’s a heartwarming gesture that adds a personal touch to the magical exchange.

Incorporate a science twist by leaving behind a simple, safe magic potion experiment kit in exchange for candy. It’s a fun way to blend learning with enchantment.

Embrace the spirit of dress-up by swapping out candy for costume accessories or props. Children can transform into their favorite characters while cherishing their Switch Witch treasures.

Embrace these Switch Witch ideas to cultivate wonder, generosity, and creativity during the Halloween season. Let the enchantment unfold as children experience the joy of giving and receiving in this whimsical tradition.

Free Halloween printables

This Halloween, enchant your family with a spellbinding array of free Halloween printables that are perfect for both festive fun and engaging classroom activities.

Challenge your wits as you hunt for spooky words hidden within a Halloween word search printable. It’s an entertaining way to boost vocabulary and cognitive skills while embracing the spirit of the season.

Ignite creativity with our free printable Halloween coloring pages.

Unscramble letters to reveal spine-chilling words related to Halloween. The Halloween word scramble encourages critical thinking and language skills.

What are your Elf on the Shelf Halloween traditions? Let me know in the comments below.

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