Free Star Wars Printable Cards to Color In

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We absolutely love Star Wars in our home, and as such, I wanted to create some FREE Star Wars printable cards you can download and color in.

We have used the force and created 10 free Star Wars printable cards for you and the kids to color in.

These coloring cards are perfect for nearly every occasion, with happy birthday and Christmas cards thrown in too!

Excluding the 2 cards that say Happy Birthday / Christmas the other 8 all feature famous quotes from the Star Wars movies.

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Star Wars Printable Cards

There are 10 different Star Wars themed cards to color in, including the following:

  • The force is strong with this one
  • Do or do not there is no try
  • You are my Father (perfect for Father’s Day, check out our other Fathers Day coloring cards here)
  • These aren’t the droids you are looking for
  • I’m a big deal in the resistance
  • Hello there!
  • I love you….. I know
  • I’d just as soon kiss a Wookie
  • Happy Birthday
  • Happy Christmas

How to Print out the Star Wars Printable Coloring Cards?

  • Download the free Star Wars cards below (scroll to the end of this page, and subscribe for FULL ACCESS)
  • Print out the cards – these are sized to fit perfectly on letter-sized paper (11 x 8.5 – landscape) but if you are printing on A4 make sure you shrink to fit and they will print perfectly.
  • Paper or Card – the cards work better on cardstock (this is the one we use), however, normal printer paper will work too.
  • Fold the cards in half, there is an image on the back, with the image on the front of the card. (The message on the reverse of the cards are: Hey, super dad, balloon, love, happy birthday, Christmas presents, or BB8)
  • Inside the card is blank for your personal message.
  • Grab the coloring pens (these dual-tipped ones are the ones we use and love) to start coloring in the cards
  • Pen to write the cards
  • Envelopes, these A9 ones will fit the cards perfectly.

If you are looking for Star Wars gifts these are our top 5:

Other Star Wars Printables

Star Wars scavenger hunt free download.

Star Wars scavenger hunt clues

Star Wars Word Search – download it for free and find the 15 words.

Star Wars Word Search

Free Star Wars Printable Download

Make sure you choose the correct paper size and then click on the shrink to fit button. With all of our printables, they work better when printed on cardstock (this is the one we use and love.)

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