Free Cinco de Mayo Printables for Kids

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Have fun on May fifth with these free Cinco de Mayo printables.

These fun holiday activities for kids include coloring pages, bookmarks, word searches, and more. Perfect for either homeschooling or the classroom.

These are a great way to have fun on May the fifth, or they can even be added to any lessons on Mexico.

cinco de mayo printables for kids

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How to teach kids the meaning of Cinco de Mayo

Ok so you have heard about the holiday, and you know it celebrates Mexico, but do you know what it is for?

The Mexicans defeated France on the fifth of May 1862 during the Franco-Mexican war at the Battle of Puebla. But it is not really celebrated in Mexico, this is primarily an American holiday where we celebrate Mexican culture and heritage.

Fun ways to teach the kids all about Cinco de Mayo are:

  • Read a book about Mexico,
  • Do some Mexican crafts,
  • Do some traditional Mexican cooking,
  • Listen to Mexican music,
  • Take an online class and learn about the history of the holiday,
  • Grab some fun free Cinco de Mayo printables below (perfect for last-minute teaching!)
  • Have a Mexican-themed party.
Cinco de Mayo party food

Interesting facts about Cinco de Mayo

  • It is not Mexican Independence Day, it commemorates a single battle that ended on the fifth of May.
  • The birthplace of Cinco de Mayo is Puebla, in east central Mexico.
  • It was a really hard fight for the Mexicans, they only had 2,000 men compared to France’,s’s 6,000.
  • Cinco de Mayo is not a national holiday in Mexico
  • Chicano activists spread awareness of this holiday as a victorious feat over European colonizers in the 1960s.
  • The traditional food for Cinco de Mayo is mole poblano. A thick and savory chile and chocolate sauce from the state of Puebla.

Carry on learning about this fun holiday with the best Cinco de Mayo books for kids.

Free Cinco de Mayo worksheets

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in educational and creative ways with a collection of free worksheets.

Including coloring pages, customizable bookmarks, entertaining word searches, and word scramble puzzles. As well as an acrostic poem template, all designed to add a festive touch to your learning activities.

cinco de mayo word search
  1. Engage in the vibrant culture of Cinco de Mayo with our free Cinco de Mayo coloring pages that bring the holiday’s festivities to life, perfect for educators and parents seeking educational yet fun activities.
  2. Cinco de Mayo bookmarks serve not only as practical tools for readers but also as a means to immerse oneself in the holiday spirit, featuring iconic symbols and colors.
  3. Dive into the history and celebration of Cinco de Mayo with a Cinco de Mayo word search free printable, designed to educate and entertain learners of all ages through the discovery of key terms.
  4. Sharpen your language skills and learn more about the holiday with a Cinco de Mayo word scramble, offering a challenging yet enjoyable way to explore the significance of this day.
  5. Foster creativity and reflection on the holiday’s meaning with a Cinco de Mayo acrostic poem template, encouraging personal expression and deeper understanding of the cultural celebration.
  6. Have fun with toddlers and preschoolers with our free Cinco de Mayo handprint art printables.
  7. Have fun with math and Mexico with our 9 free Cinco de Mayo color by number worksheets.
coloring pages cinco de mayo

Free printable games

Step into the world of free printable activities, designed to enhance your Cinco de Mayo celebrations. Whether you’re seeking creative challenges, adventurous hunts, or exciting group activities, these games offer a diverse range of options to ensure a memorable fiesta for all!

Unleash your imagination with Cinco de Mayo scattergories printable, where players brainstorm words fitting themed categories in a race against the clock.

Gather your amigos for a lively game of Cinco de Mayo bingo, where participants mark off squares featuring festive images, aiming to shout “Bingo!” first.

Embark on an exciting Cinco de Mayo scavenger hunt printable, searching high and low for items related to Mexican culture and traditions.

A vibrant 'Cinco de Mayo Bingo Card' surrounded by festive accessories including red beads, a burlap sack spilling out colorful game pieces, and a black pot filled with bingo cards, all arranged on a white background

Additional Mexico printables

Incorporating these North American themed resources into your Cinco de Mayo celebrations can add an enriching touch to the festivities.

North America worksheets offer an opportunity for educational engagement, allowing kids and even adults to explore the continent’s diverse cultures, geography, and history while celebrating Mexican heritage.

north america map worksheets

Learn all about one of the New Seven Wonders of the World with this free Chichen Itza worksheet which is located in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico.

Meanwhile, Day of the Dead bookmarks provide a creative and symbolic way to remember and honor loved ones during this time, intertwining Mexican traditions with the broader Latin American context. By using these printables, you can blend learning, remembrance, and cultural appreciation seamlessly into your Cinco de Mayo activities.

The Day of the Dead word scramble is a great addition to the classroom in November.

Learn all about the Mexican traditions at Christmas time with our free Christmas in Mexico worksheets.

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