Free Cinco de Mayo Scavenger Hunt Printable

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This Cinco de Mayo scavenger hunt printable is perfect for adding an exciting twist to your celebrations.

Ideal for family gatherings and parties, this resource features a vibrant set of images to cut out and hide, alongside a checklist for participants to mark their finds.

Included in the hunt are culturally rich icons that the children will need to find either around the home or classroom. These elements are designed to enhance the festive atmosphere and engage participants of all ages.

This Cinco de Mayo printable is a great game for both home and school.

A 'Cinco de Mayo Scavenger Hunt' poster featuring various Mexican cultural symbols in a checklist format, with red beads scattered around. The image depicts the items and their names, such as 'Maracas Boy' and 'Girl Piñata,' on a black-and-white dashed border.

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Ways to use this Mexican themed scavenger hunt

Transform your holiday celebration with this engaging scavenger hunt. Here’s how you can utilize this printable in various fun and educational ways:

  1. Introduce children to Mexican culture and traditions in a playful, interactive manner.
  2. Start your Cinco de Mayo party with the scavenger hunt to get guests mingling and enjoying the festivities from the get-go.
  3. Organize a neighborhood-wide scavenger hunt to bring the community together in celebration of this vibrant holiday.
  4. Teachers can use this printable as a fun classroom activity that complements lessons on cultural diversity and Mexican history.
  5. Incorporate this scavenger hunt into your family game night for a memorable and educational experience.

To achieve the best quality and durability, especially for outdoor use, print these images on high-quality paper and consider laminating them. You might also want to explore different brands of printers and papers to see which render the brightest, most festive colors.

Cinco de Mayo scavenger hunt game

Playing a Cinco de Mayo scavenger hunt can turn your celebration into an interactive and memorable event. Here’s a simple guide on how to set up and play this festive game with your Cinco de Mayo scavenger hunt printable:

A 'Cinco de Mayo Scavenger Hunt' sheet laid out flat with scattered illustrations and red beads, depicting various cultural items like a sombrero, tacos, and a boy playing maracas, against a white background.


  1. Start by printing the Cinco de Mayo scavenger hunt printable, which includes images of culturally significant icons and a checklist. Use cardstock for best results, especially if the game will be played outdoors.
  2. Cut out the printed images. These will include a variety of items such as a boy playing maracas, a girl with a flag, maracas, a sombrero, and more. Consider laminating them if you expect repeated use or outdoor activity.
  3. Conceal these items around your home, yard, or venue before the event begins. Place them in spots that vary in difficulty depending on the age group of the participants.

Images to find

  • Boy playing maracas
  • Boy mariachi
  • Girl with flag
  • Girl dancer
  • Maracas
  • Sombrero
  • Guitar
  • Tortilla chips
  • Green pepper
  • Tacos
  • Pinata star
  • Girl with a pinata
A colorful illustration from a 'Cinco de Mayo Scavenger Hunt' of a blindfolded girl in red hitting a festive multicolored piñata, with candy spilling out, placed on a surface with books in the background.

How to play

  1. Depending on the number of participants, you can have them play individually or divide them into teams for a collaborative effort.
  2. Give each participant or team a checklist of the items they need to find. You can also provide each team with a bag to collect the items.
  3. Once everything is set up and participants are ready, start the scavenger hunt. Players will search for the items based on the clues or direct item descriptions from their checklist.
  4. After the hunt, gather all participants and ask them to share their findings. This can be a fun moment to discuss the items found and their cultural significance.
  5. The first individual or team to find all the items and complete their checklist is declared the winner. You might consider having small prizes or certificates for the winners to add to the festive spirit.
A modern, satin nickel door handle with a 'Cinco de Mayo Scavenger Hunt' game card of a green pepper slipped into the handle’s lock, set against a textured gray door.

Additional tips

  • As each item is found, take the opportunity to explain a bit about its significance in Mexican culture. For example, discuss the history of the mariachi or the significance of the sombrero.
  • For older kids, add challenges such as solving a riddle to find the next item or performing a small task related to the item (like playing a few seconds on a maraca).
  • Ensure that all hiding spots are safe, and avoid placing items near sharp objects, high places, or anywhere that might lead to accidents.
  • Make sure there are tasks and roles for all ages and abilities, ensuring that everyone can participate and enjoy the fun.

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This Cinco de Mayo scavenger hunt not only adds fun and excitement to your celebration but also enhances everyone’s understanding and appreciation of Mexican culture, making it a fulfilling and enjoyable activity for all involved.

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