6 Free Cinco de Mayo Handprint Art Templates

Dive into the festive spirit of Cinco de Mayo with our delightful Cinco de Mayo handprint art, featuring six free templates to spark creativity and fun!

These engaging templates are perfect for kids and families eager to celebrate this vibrant holiday through art.

With designs ranging from colorful sombreros to adorable cacti, each template offers a unique way to commemorate Cinco de Mayo while creating something truly personal and memorable.

Handprint art is a great activity for children, helping to enhance fine motor skills and offering a creative outlet to express their imagination. Plus, these Cinco de Mayo printables serve as a fantastic educational tool, introducing kids to the cultural significance of the holiday in a fun and interactive manner.

All you need to get started are some basic craft supplies and a dash of creativity, making it an accessible activity for everyone to enjoy.

A colorful set of Cinco de Mayo-themed handprint art pieces, each featuring a festive message. Handprints are cleverly used to create illustrations of a cactus, piñata, maracas, a girl in traditional dress, the Mexican flag, and a guitarist, providing a playful and hands-on way to engage children with the holiday's cultural elements.

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Cinco de Mayo handprint craft

Cinco de Mayo handprint art offers a unique and creative way to celebrate this festive holiday.

With six free templates, families and teachers can engage children in a meaningful exploration of Mexican culture and traditions through art.

These templates are not only fun but also educational, serving as a canvas for children to express their creativity while learning about the significance of Cinco de Mayo.

Whether used in the classroom or at home, these handprint art projects are a fantastic way to bring the spirit of Cinco de Mayo to life.

The 6 Cinco de Mayo handprint templates are free to print for personal use and classroom use only. Scroll to the bottom of the post for the pdf file.

Supplies needed

  • Use cardstock for a strong base, preventing paint from seeping through and making your art display-ready.
  • washable paints (these are the ones we use for all of our handprint crafts)
  • paintbrush
  • Paper plates or palettes to pour out paint and make hand-dipping a breeze. Keeps your painting organized and less messy, making the creative fun even better.
  • Wipes!! It helps to have these handy so you don’t make a complete mess of your table!

Printing the handprint templates is easy! Just download and print the templates below, and they’ll fill six full pages.

Have fun with our free Cinco de Mayo color by number worksheets too.

How to use the Cinco de Mayo handprints with kids

  • Incorporate the handprint art activity into a lesson about Cinco de Mayo, discussing its history and traditions as children engage with the templates. This not only enhances their understanding of the holiday but also promotes cultural awareness and appreciation.
  • Use the handprint creations to decorate your space for a Cinco de Mayo celebration, adding a personal and colorful touch to your festivities. Whether it’s in a classroom or at home, these artworks will brighten up any setting.
  • Transform the handprint art into heartfelt gifts for friends and family, sharing the spirit of Cinco de Mayo with loved ones. These personalized crafts can serve as memorable keepsakes that cherish the joy of the celebration.
  • Enjoy a special crafting session with your family, making handprint art together as a way to celebrate and learn about Cinco de Mayo. It’s a wonderful opportunity for family members to connect and create lasting memories.


The first handprint art is one for all ages. Paint your child’s fingers with different colors and create this maracas. Happy Cinco de Mayo, shake those maracas, and let the party begin.

Apply paint to the child’s palm and fingers. We opt for green paint, orange paint, and red paint, but you may let your little one choose whatever color to use.

Press the painted hand down onto the cardstock above the handle of the maracas.

Use crayons or markers if you want to design it with more color. Let the paint dry completely first.

Maracas handprint art


Dip the child’s hand in paint, we use orange paint, yellow paint, and blue paint for a vibrant pinata art.

Place the handprint with fingers at the bottom forming the piñata’s fringe. Repeat until you achieve the desired vibrant color.

After drying, use markers to design it with more color. You can frame this and create a memorable keepsake.

pinata handprint craft


Paint the child’s hand green or any green paint you’d like the cactus’ to be.

Press the handprint at the top of the paper, with the fingers pointing upwards. This will be the top of the cactus.

Add any additional decorations or details as desired.

cactus handprint art

Girl dancing

Get the child’s palm and fingers covered in paint. We used red paint, but let your little artist choose any color.

Press the painted hand onto the cardstock below forming the dancer’s skirt. Do it again for a more vibrant look.

If you’re feeling artsy, grab crayons or markers to add extra color and design. Just make sure the paint is completely dry before adding those finishing touches.

cinco de mayo handprint art

Mexico flag

Dip the kid’s hand in paint, pick green and red paint for Mexico’s flag colors.

Put the handprint with red fingers on the right side of the flag, and the green handprint on the left. Do it again until you get the bright colors you want.

Once it dries, use markers to add more colors and make cool designs.

mexico flag handprint

Happy Cinco de Mayo

Cover the kid’s palm and fingers with green paint. Let your young artist pick their favorite shade of green for the cactus.

Place the painted hand on the sides of the cactus on the cardstock. Repeat for a brighter appearance.

If you’re in a creative mood, use crayons or markers to draw flowers on the cactus. Just ensure the paint is fully dry before adding those final touches.

happy cinco de mayo handprint art

Additional Cinco de Mayo activities

handprint art bundle


Cinco de Mayo books for kids

Get ready for some Cinco de Mayo fun with these awesome books made just for kids. Dive into the stories, discover cool traditions, and join in the excitement of this festive Mexican celebration.

Need to print later? Add this to your Pinterest board or share it on Facebook. You’ll have it handy whenever you’re ready to use it!

Download the free handprint Cinco de Mayo art

Make sure you choose the correct paper size and click on the shrink to fit button. All of our free printables for kids work better when printed on cardstock (this is the one we use and love.)

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