Free Financial Literacy Activities for High School Students

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If you’re looking for some cool financial literacy activities for high school students, you’ve come to the right place!

So, whether they’re learning about consumer behavior, building entrepreneurial mindsets, or exploring the world of banking and financial institutions, we’ve got it all covered!

These fun and educational exercises will empower your teens to make informed financial decisions, setting them on a path to financial success and a bright financial future.

These banking activities for teens include games, self paced modules, financial literacy lesson plans, classroom activities, simulations, board games, and more!

These cater to different learning styles, ensuring that your teens stay interested and involved while building crucial financial knowledge and skills.

Discover the best homeschool curriculum for high school, fostering smart money management for a secure future.

financial literacy activities for high school students

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Financial literacy games

These interactive finance games are designed to make learning about personal finance, budgeting, and decision-making a delightful experience for high school students.

In this collection of free financial literacy games, students will immerse themselves in exciting scenarios. Tackling real-life financial challenges, and making critical choices that will impact their virtual financial lives. These games offer a dynamic and practical approach to financial education.

For a more hands-on approach, we also recommend the best money board games for high schoolers:

Check out the best financial literacy worksheets!

Understanding credit and debt management

Using Credit Wisely Unit Study. High school students are introduced to credit cards, credit scores, and debt management.

The self-paced modules and classroom activities cover topics such as understanding different types of credit. When to use or avoid credit, checking credit reports, improving credit scores, and effective debt management strategies.

Investing simulations and stock market challenges

How the Market Works is a leading website offering a free and customizable stock market game for schools and clubs.

With over 10,000 teachers and 475,000 students using the platform annually. It provides comprehensive student lessons, tutorials, and teacher resources to facilitate a practical learning experience in the world of stock trading and finance.

More importantly, it is lots of fun!

Building a strong foundation: Saving and compound interest

The Power of Compound Interest is designed for high school students. They will learn the concept of “Pay yourself first” and explore ways to develop this habit to leverage the power of compound interest.

The lesson focuses on building emergency savings. Understanding the benefits of investing, and practicing the behavior of saving regularly to create a strong financial foundation.

Students engage in activities and scenarios using online calculators to understand the value of compound interest. Plus its potential for long-term wealth accumulation.

Exploring careers

Career exploration is crucial for high school students. It helps them identify their interests, skills, and passions, laying the foundation for informed career choices.

Understanding potential career paths enables students to align their educational pursuits and financial decisions effectively.

By exploring various career options and their associated income potential, students can make informed financial plans. Set realistic financial goals, and develop a clear understanding of the financial implications of their chosen careers. Leading to better financial literacy and financial preparedness for their future.

I highly recommend the book What Color is Your Parachute for Teens? It empowers teenagers to discover their passions, talents, and career interests. Providing invaluable insights and strategies for navigating the path to a fulfilling and successful future.

what color is your parachute

Teaching responsible consumer behavior

Next Gen Personal Finance offers high school students engaging opportunities to enhance their financial literacy and consumer decision-making.

From identifying dark patterns and analyzing the influence of advertisements and social media to comparing types of identity theft and conducting ethical product research.

These activities empower students to make informed financial choices. And understand the impact of their consumer decisions on themselves and others.

Introduction to banking and financial institutions

The free banking basics interactive card game is a great introduction to banking for high schoolers.

Teens can grasp the fundamentals of banking, learn about different financial institutions, and comprehend the significance of responsible money management.

This fun game equips young learners with essential financial knowledge. Empowering them to make informed decisions when dealing with their finances in the future.

Creating entrepreneurial mindsets

Creating entrepreneurial mindsets is about fostering a set of attitudes, skills, and behaviors that empower individuals to think innovatively, take risks, and adapt to changing circumstances.

It encourages students to embrace challenges, view failure as an opportunity for learning, and develop a proactive approach to problem-solving. By educating and empowering young entrepreneurs, teachers can equip students with essential skills for success.

Additional financial literacy resources

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